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Austin Macaulay Publishers International

"We at Barbwire Noose Clothing provide clothing and accessories to help global initiatives for causes creating 'A Better World' to solve global issues concerning Human Rights, The Environment or Animal Welfare and achieve their objectives by monetary donations and aiding their humanitarian actions unlike other brands who cannot beat The Story Behind the Brand - foundations in action towards Human Rights and A Better World."

The Story Behind the Brand - Barbwire Noose. Based on the creation, journey, trials and achievements of a Human Rights stand within the Government Disabilities sector, a Soundgarden song, the infamous trademark label name and slogan, successful execution of Australian Government NEIS Small business and a second fight for justice to disrupt but not dismay the Mission and Vision of A Better World. The International Publication Releases in 2020 Authored by yours truly, Marcia Anita Hobbs. Austin Macaulay Publishers.

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