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Ambassador 2019 Catherine House SA

Updated: May 8, 2019

Every year hundreds of women find themselves homeless in South Australia.

Our focus at Catherine House is to not only provide a safe place of accommodation but ensure each woman has a chance to recover from what has led her into homelessness. For many women, this could be years of abuse, trauma or living with mental health issues.

Whatever the reason, recovery is always possible.

A cause close to my heart, I was left in a vulnerable position after separating with my EX partner, a policeman of 33 years (Damian Ferrari - as referenced in my Biography UGLY HEROS) and an abusive man. I could Never have imagined the abuse I was to be subjected to when I move to his residence in Victoria from South Australia. Leaving was SO hard, Damian using his position and my move interstate to try and force me to marry him. Leaving me without a property to reside in at our separation stating I would be back to marry him - back because he felt he had left me in a position where I had no choice. Little income and no home. Without the support of friends I would not have survived this period in time. The work of Catherine House is priceless and I am Very proud to be part of and Ambassador for this Amazing service.

Your contributions are Very Much appreciated:

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