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A Taste of Chapter 2 - The Story Behind The Brand, Barbwire Noose.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023


‘Salt and Pepper Progress’

"The name ‘Barbwire Noose’ will always represent everything it has overcome and without saying be a backbone advocate of free speech. The brand is a voice, fighting the strangulation of oppression. It is about human rights and derived from adversities. A voice for those disabled clients in government care. My fight for my property both structural and that intellectual approval, that Cheshire Cat grin. ‘Barbwire Noose’ and ‘Fear Is the Root of All Weakness’ registered and trademarked officially. Just within the period deadline it had to be approved, strength in oppression. A brand ready to take on the world as a successful national and international fashion scene with a genuine ‘A Better World’ agenda upon establishment. I am the Proud owner of all my trademarks, and I am despite the set backs so proud to call myself a budding entrepreneur in my early twenties. Always building a brand contributing to ‘A Better World’, then and now. I love my brand so much, it is the garnish on life, my trademark – more so special after years of secrecy and waiting for approval. The light at the end of what felt like a dark tunnel for me was Barbwire Noose. Human Rights Matter, Justice for All Matters."

More of Chapter Two - The Story Behind the brand BARBWIRE NOOSE.

"Before a heap of shit people jumped on board a sex crimes cover up, Barbwire Noose flourished. Purchasing my house - my property, sixty-nine Penola Road I was still just twentyone years of age. The contract settling at the beginning of April 2006. The original office of Barbwire Noose Clothing during the initial incorporation of Barbwire Noose® in 2012 - 2013, eight years after the property became my home and evidently my refuge. By 2012, after four years of operations I had invested well over ten-thousand Australian dollars per year establishing the brand. Incorporating, brand Barbwire Noose was easily of a capital value at well over two-hundredthousand Australian dollars (2008–2012). This value does not include the value of my trademark asset which was not part of the assets considered under the investment contracting. I lodged the property officially at the time of incorporation registration with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). A proud brain box (academic) and bargain shopper, my life was self-made early, and I strived to thrive. I still strive to thrive, with much focus on creating ‘A Better World’ with my brand Barbwire Noose, not just on breaking the fashion industry with meaning as I set out. The life of a Whistle-blower is a kind of lonely one. You have very little true friends when you take on the government. Plenty of opportunists about, it’s easy to make enemies too but not many true friends. No one really wants to do the right thing when the pressure cooker rages on high for years. When for years and generations of governments have practised and succeeded with oppressive tactics, accountability is a game. I have watched good men become bad ones for years by doing nothing. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke.

Literature by yours truly (Marcia Anita Hobbs) authored for brand Barbwire Noose.

“Life – A dreamy Nightmare that Grips us by the Throat as we enter this Treacherous World and begins to Squeeze as we struggle to drink from the bosom that Feeds us into Destruction. Dying from Birth we tread through Life’s Bullshit to the Inevitable End of Our Existence. Knowing This, we need Not Fear what life has in store. We need Not Punish Ourselves and become a Shadow to society. 'Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®'. A Weakness that we should Not bow Down to, as we are Inevitably headed Towards what we will Lose at the end of our Existence – Life. Like a 'Barbwire Noose®' the Reality of our world grips us slowly Bleeding us to our Death with No Remorse. We do Not need to endure more pain in the face of Fear. Embrace Life as it sucks your Vital Soul into the Nothingness of Conformation. Do Not Conform as society demands. Live Life to experience your Mind, your Body, your Souls desire and Fuck the World's Bias opinion. Do Not be Sucked into the Oblivion. Do Not Conform. Alone We Stand Hand In Hand, Without Fear.©”

Written one early morning at random after much deliberation - I liked this, I LOVED This.

The following coming about in much the same way.

“So Life is just that.

We all lose ourselves growing up.

Find ourselves when we least expect it.

Face testing experiences and get through.

Better or Worse.

Liking to think for the better.

Learn from a bad decision - decisions.

Become stronger from experiences.

Life throws Crazy Shit.

We All have Stories.

Some we can share, Some that we wont.

These experiences are Strengths, Not weaknesses.

Choose Courage, Not Fear. Death is Inevitable, the rest is Choice.©”

And this, this is me - My Story in short;

One Testing Experience Too Many, A Life Of Endless Lives And A Yellow Curtain Blind.

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