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A decade of sex crime cover ups

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Today is the 13th day of May 2023, marking approximately ten years since Australian police forces compromised my life & safety to protect ICE dealing accessories to murder Tim Stringer & Shaun MacDonnell. We are into the second decade of SAPOL criminal negligence since entering myself in data bases as a police officer in 2010 & it has been over a decade since police committed criminal negligence in an investigation in 2012 to which seen my life directly threatened by a sex offender known to police. In 2020 SAPOL police acknowledged a cover up of police using prostitutes including children (for decades). In 2017 even though I was Never an informant with SAPOL and never would be. David Bradley, who was assisting David Kyriacou with his neglectful investigations while he was stationed in Mount Gambier South Australia, stated said on-goings surrounding me were to hard for SAPOL (even though all on-going were police force driven). Yet it was proposed I become an informant by Mount Gambier Police (2017), Portland police (VICPOL) & the Australian Federal Police (AFP) recklessly endangered my life irrefutably from 2016. Currently the integrity commission of South Australia is investigating ethical conclusions made by ICAC regarding child sex offending committed by SAPOL police. American media have shown interest in these gross circumstances of corruption yet Australian media is yet to print the truth to the public even though millions of tax payer dollars have been wasted in a cover up of sex offenders. The Disability Royal Commission of Australia is yet to acknowledge the SA Labor government criminal negligence to the clients of Sharley House Mount Gambier with police attitudes towards sex offending throughout stemming from correct to criminal. Australia purchasing the most live child pornographic content in the world over the COVID period & all these facts public and currently with police. As we head into an era of proposed National Integrity and an operative National Integrity Commission, it is obvious that there are many diar concerns surrounding the state of Australian governance. Our law enforcement agencies are not fit for purpose, nor is their & this is irrefutable, in fact.

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