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13:37; 27/12/18. Events of 2018.

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

It being the Most horrific outcome, a charge laid against the victim as opposed to the rapist old police officer whom has lied in his statement and had a date changed in the SAPOL system who should be charged with Sexual Assault by now.

Today, another Appalling call received regarding Kurt Slaven. My Human Rights to resolution now non existent, preaching for my obedience - my silence. It's been 4 years since reporting this disgraceful police officer and traumatic to say the least, reliving an incident I had put out of my mind. We are 2 months away from SAPOL withholding basically a ten year period - a third of my life, without release for a year. In breach of Federal Laws, I requested my Freedom of Information February 2018, Victoria released there non existent documents mid last year, Clear with exclusions regarding Gordon Hamm and my statement against David Bradley of no relevance at my request.

Having had deferred my University acceptance for one year, which was a bitter sweet decision as if I had have left for Adelaide straight out of high school the sexual offending committed by police officer Kurt Slaven would Never have had occurred. No longer on Care the university path in 2002, The Oaks Aged was a fantastic facility to volunteer at, and was my first formal carer experience prior to gaining employment as a Disability Officer. Volunteering with the elderly, I met the most amazing old lady in the first room on the right at the facility. I must say volunteering was a great distraction from the haunting thoughts about the sexual assault. Though I did not realise this great distraction was also distracting me from the start of an ongoing string of events, inflicting deep suffering on my life. My experiences volunteering at the Oaks aged care facility at 18-years-of-age predominantly came about as I was unemployed after underemployment. I was unable to gain much aquatics teaching work for approximately a six month period of time after Kurt Slaven attempted to sexually abuse me for the second time. I still had not reported the sex offence feeling I really had no option to report him to the police station where he worked. Seeing how the Mount Gambier police station handled my report in 2018, I was right to have been scared. A station which has never been Royal Commission audited despite years of reporting. Mount Gambier riddled with seedy sex offenders, ICE users and a large majority of police officers complicit in corruption. An irrefutable immoral culture exists with there focus on dehumanisation and institutional abuse. Underemployment, sexual trauma and the oppression from Kurt Slaven’s threat nearly pushing me to the refuge of suicide as a teenager. It was a character assassination campaign executed by spreading damaging slander (defamation) within a small town, utilising Mount Gambier’s seedy underworld and elite community members. A character assassination campaign I was unaware of for over a decade. Gossip instigated by the police sex offender Kurt Slaven. The beginnings of his cover up of his seedy crime being what prevented myself from gaining employment at this time. My dad also hindered my employment prospects at times I learned in 2020, he had believed I was a prostitute in 2001. I was just a teenage child - his child. Some of his fewer fine moments and poor decisions in his life leading him to a distorted interpretation of the truth. Malicious accusations with no basis or facts made against me, a kid really who had just moved out of home. The emotional distress I suffered without my Aquatics Teaching position at this time was making me incredibly sad and bored. Being unaware that SAPOL police were causing much reputational damage to my character as a teenager, it was only when the experience repeated itself that all became clear. Deja vu to which NTPOL also repeated in 2023 making malicious accusations with no basis or facts causing reckless endangerment in the small rural town of Alice Springs. A tight nit community like Mount Gambier, SA except it was the current crime capital of the Nation making headlines for the desertions of the town in droves. The police in the Northern Territory, like SAPOL spreading rumours in intentional neglectful investigations going as far as intentional criminal negligence making implications I was an informant and accusations I was in trouble. Section 54 of the Crimes Act 1900 makes it an offence punishable by a maximum penalty of two years in prison to engage in negligence which causes grievous bodily harm. I was lucky the felon with a known history of assault and domestic violence did not harm myself due to NTPOL detectives conduct. That stated I was sexually assaulted by a man claiming he was delirious from sleep deprivation as he felt my ass and tried to feel his way under my shorts as we platonically shared a swag while I created media as part of a Barbwire Noose sponsorship deal. Needless to say, this discrepancy was an issue. I can’t control what others do, say or think but I can be my own plot twist and not let them get away with it. Your Call Drama, like my BN Couture slogan. After removing myself from the vicinity of immediate danger I walked straight into the Alice Springs police station and asked them what the fuck they thought they were doing endangering my life! Recording myself calling police out on Rayban stories sun glasses – this technology is bold.

I’ve been unfortunately stalked by numerous police officers and two are guilty of sexual offences. In 2017 into 2018 that I know of) police officer Damian Ferrari, who had been stalking myself on Ararat Police station computers, raped me into a relationship after attending a horse racing event. An extravagant plot from police commissioners of SAPOL and VICPOL behind this callous behaviour also. Navigating the duress and leaving this seedy old police officer was as dangerous as reporting Kurt Slaven. Especially as Travis Enmon, my fiancée (2021) and I were in communication declaring our love to each other while Damian made efforts to trap me on the isolated farm. A detailed statement given to VICPOL in November 2018 makes clear how under duress I was introduced to his friends as his girlfriend while he paraded me around regional Victoria wineries. The circumstances surrounding Damian Ferrari stalking myself and raping me were aided and abetted by a Detective called Aaron Roche who clearly thought I had been or was a prostitute after I assisted him with the murder of Gordon Hamm investigation in 2014 and 2015. Police are gossips when they should not be. The police are the most at fault regarding the spread of malicious accusations with no basis or facts creating adverse circumstances throughout my life. Intentional misappropriations of funds and maladministration to allow corrupt police to run smear campaigns only to benefit police and governmental cover ups of sex crimes. Damian was a powerful police officer in VICPOL, the station Commander at the Ararat Police station. A scarier rank to report than detective Kurt Slaven in a town and state that knew little about me. The station had just confiscated ketamine from a rave to which Damian insinuated he used to rape me whilst mocking me calling him out about the crime with other comments like “prove it”. Meaning prove he drugged and raped me after the long day drinking at the races. He forced my groggy from ketamine self into the relationship with him the following day after committing this sexual crime. In shock, without my car and isolated, under duress I could not argue against the relationship rhetoric and introductions to his peers as his girlfriend. Damian reassured me under duress that he genuinely cared about my situation with SAPOL. Like inducing Stockholm syndrome he stated that both the Victoria police commissioner and the South Australian police commissioner were conspiring to cover up Kurt Slaven offence. Planning to blame another police officer (Andrew Cherry) who apparently didn’t want to be blamed. He stated police were also disrupting Barbwire Noose ability to engaged profitable business expansion. He assured me that his goal was to stop this from happening to me. Furthermore trying to convince me of the relationship by offering access to his bank accounts. Which I declined, planning to leave and marry my American guy Travis. This criminal offending by Damian Ferrari and many other criminal acts by police exposed years of joint operations including using the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to cover up sex crimes committed by serving police officers. If only the police were a ‘No Sheeple Zone’ like Barbwire Noose.

Writing ‘Fear Is the Root of All Weakness®’ on my Yellow Curtain Blind in 2002, the statement clearly and literally stemmed from Fear. Scared of Kurt Slaven – I still am uncomfortable, just Not Scared. Described, my teeth chattered uncontrollably when reliving the traumatic moments to write the statements to report his hideous crimes to SAPOL in 2017 and 2018, only three odd years after the initial report to the police ombudsman in 2014. No cover up to see here my ass. The process of writing the statement against Kurt Slaven seen my teeth chattering and other uncontrollable body language which was slightly embarrassing reactions for someone like me. I am used to always being seen as such a strong, level headed person in personality even as a teenager. I was so scared of this man as a child, sixteen-years old, attacked by a man in his thirties around the same age as my own dad. Having threatened me “Don’t tell anyone” as he buried the condom next to the car when he first successfully raped me. A circumstance of complete duress. I was better off saying nothing at this time. A child who could have been seriously injured fighting and left to die at the pine’s plantation location of the rape. In my mind, when I found out Kurt Slaven had discussed me with fellow police (Dave Kyriacou), I was mortified. Reality is someone really cared about me or someone in a position of responsibility who heard he had sex with me – a sixteen-year-old minor, should have been concerned. They should have acted against the sex offender, and they should have asked me regarding the assault. No one did, no one ever asked for the truth even in 2023. The facts that I knew Nothing of the sex industry claims until after Gordon Hamm was murdered (ultimately murdered because of methamphetamines dealers Tim Stringer and Shaun MacDonnell). Furthermore baffling. I had just lived most of my life thinking it’s a small town, he will not tell anyone about his crime and its best for me to take his threat seriously. Instead, he had been paving a way to try and defend his crime all along. I still to this day believe I made the best choice not to report his sex crime despite the permeation of his lie. I think if I had reported this Gypsy Joker aligned, sex offender police officer in 2001, at this stage he and his criminal alliances would have harmed me much further than just making me suffer a character assassination and sexual assaults in defamation. The murder of my pet rabbits says it all. A warning was clearly being sent.

Much malicious activity towards online interference with Barbwire Noose Barbwire Noose including website, emailing issues and spam warfare e.g. flooding inboxes with email spam delivered every second, minute, etc flooding your inboxes made my business email addresses almost unusable in 2019. Chinese technology warfare later acknowledged by the government as discussed by media overwhelmed Barbwire Noose emails. The activities occurring after I reported Bandidos associated VICPOL police officer Damian Ferrari in 2018. Evidently police and governments allow foreign interference if it benefits them, that’s what I firmly believe. In my opinion Labors ambiguity with China is so they can survive if we do turn into Australasia. A theory that can be concluded analysing years of government deals with one china and selling land to china against Australia’s sovereignties best interests. The police can not deny that they many times allowed me to be targeted, whether that be on a vindictive level or as rape bait (if you see the two as different). As well as allowed my most valuable assets and things seen as very important to me to be damaged by many criminal facets and the utilisation of dehumanising defamation. Damages to property to which both VICPOL and SAPOL were guilty of torts including conversion of property. A tort defined is a legal wrong which one person or entity (the tortfeasor) commits against another person or entity and for which the usual remedy is an award of damages. Torts include assault, battery, false imprisonment, trespass to land or goods, conversion of goods, intimidation, deceit, and the very expansive tort of negligence. Police forces extensively guilty of intentional, malicious criminal negligence in operational proceedings.

I have relentlessly focused on brand aspects of Barbwire Noose branding and the A Better World initiative whilst foiling the many efforts of cover ups freeing myself and the brand from human rights violations and injustices. Staying above water in this character assassination has been vital to gain justice for all justice for the disabled. The careless and frivolous exploitations I experienced whistleblowing in 2018 onwards had such a likeness to the governments cover up end g ame regarding bullying , the neglect and the sexual exploitations of disabled people. It literally twisted me up inside, at times I was nauseas and even physically ill. Ignorance and institutional harassment, towards a whistleblower. Not uncommon, but comp letely unacceptable. The paperwork and false process (maladministration and malpractice) run around tactic to resolve serious neglect and vulgar criminal conduct was not only emotionally distressing but a waste of taxpayers’ dollars. Cover ups clearly are a misappropriation of funds, this is, was a cover up at the taxpayers’ expense and, need I of our most vulnerable vigilant an peers not remind you, at the expense in society. The delays to my trademark approval were obvious, even though I was young, I am d an adaptive person . I had learnt that not everyone wants to do their job nor cares about it at times in government by the age of twenty . And quickly adapted to the fact not everyone had a heart like me and to some people a job was just money. Seeing this first hand moving out of home, I was exposed to dehumanisation as a consistent standard within government departments. I also learnt that the basis of any government position was power greed and power, with the people considered somewhere in between but always put last in action.

Explaining how the donation per purchase works is simple, Barbwire Noose donates $1.00 (Australian dollar) minimum from every purchase to a cause working towards ‘A Better World’. We research how donations are spent and monitor unethical conduct. Barbwire Noose since established has thus far chose to support some of the following organisations with purchase donations: Amnesty International, World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), Animals Australia (Animals Unleashed), Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), UN Women’s Empowerment, Last Prisoner Project, naming a few. The initiative is not just about donations - it is so much more. Representative of activism, voluntary role efforts, promotion of causes, petitioning, etc. As part of the A Better World initiative, Barbwire Noose joined the World Kindness initiative marked as members in 2014. I, in 2018 became a World Kindness Ambassador. World Kindness Day is the 13th of November every year and is a wonderful way to globally spread the most natural emotion we have – love. Kindness matters.

Investing in Barbwire Noose was a low-risk investment, the business was never at a loss or in debt at the time of incorporation. With little overhead costs and the production process ‘minimum viable product’ it meant investors were guaranteed not to lose money, so to speak, investments are not guaranteed – let’s keep that clear. I first ran Barbwire Noose® under my ABN before incorporation and during the devastating disruptions over the years of the story behind the brand. Barbwire Noose® ran at a profit for a ten-year period between 2008–2018 despite the incorporation disruptions, loss of investors and the illegal acquisition. A decade of successes, outlined in chapter six. The chapter shows a timeline of achievements, bringing awareness to the brands potential and moments of greatness that my fashion label has so far celebrated from trademark approval ongoing. In 2018 came a costly disruption to the brands potential sales and profits margin. After ten years on a profit streak, while VICPOL worked up a list of torts offences against my persons the brand suffered a financial year loss. Financial hardship stemming from my report of domestic violence and sex offending against known stalking offender, VICPOL police officer Damian Ferrari. The basic business principles I applied surrounding brand growth was solid after I had created a product line which generated profits immediately, after manufacturing costs. Profits were guaranteed if the accounting budget showed restraint in spending - nothing excessive. The business plan invests all profits into growth. To sustain numerous extra costs such as relocation, supply chains disruptions, etc was unexpected and un-costed.

Quoting a police officer, my phone was an ‘Off Phone’ since at least 2017 with VICPOL and SAPOL. An ‘Off Phone’ is a phone that is being tapped and used as a listening device. Outrageous that such acti ons could be taken against myself. According to 2011 Australian Government Investigations Standards, which defines an investigation as: “... a process of seeking information relevant to an alleged, apparent or potential breach of the law, involving possibl e judicial proceedings. The primary purpose of an investigation is to gather admissible evidence for any subsequent action, whether under criminal, civil penalty, civil, disciplinary, or administrative sanctions. Investigations can also result in preventio n and/or disruption action. The term investigation can also include intelligence processes which directly support the gathering of admissible evidence.” The AFP role regarding investigations is to provide a service to the Australian community by having a p ositive impact on crime, national security, and the public interest. Yet the AFP have evidently been involved in a cover up of an astronomically vulgar calibrethat is not a positive impact on crime, in the publics interest or positive for national secur ity . It is unfathomable that without court proceedings regarding criminal accusations that my privacy could be breached. Yet on no basis or facts just maladministration created by the police force and governance the privacy act regarding my persons. was breached Activities proven to have been ongoing with no grounds since at least 2004 , conclusively 2008 . I had engaged numerous legal representatives over these years. It seemed undeniable that law firms and legal aid were subject to more or lesser grants based on the clients they represented and how well. Many were reluctant to engage representation of myself on constitutional matters and many withdrawing their representation after viewing Freedom of information evidently. One lawyer named John Kyrimis insinuating I had been a prostitute after buying me a coffee after his final representation of myself. Leaving me to gain a not guilty verdict selfrepresented . I could not believe legal representation could not see the cover up agendas as I was having my FOI withheld from my own persons to view. Clearly as I would then hold evidence of defamation and sue. Numerous government departments obstructed justice for years. Politicians allowing issues they were well aware of to be unaddressed. L arge political numbers of ministers including much of the senior Liberal and Labor governments ministers in politics 2020 onwards were aware of the police agenda to cover up their use of prostitutes including children and they were also aware of the crimin al activity and neglect of the disabled covered up by state Labor government. Nearly everyone I spoke out t o o with the ability to act was in on the cover up or complicit to it. I did Everything to stand up for Human Rights and obtain justice. Writing lette rs to the police ombudsman regarding the outcomes from my reports against police, attorney submitted letters to ICAC and to the SA police ombudsman all dismissed. In communication with police ministers office (SA) in 2017/2018 I the was warned by the servi ng police ministers administration that my pursuit against police corruption and criminal offences linked to biker activity leading to deaths within the Mount Gambier community was not in my best interest. A subtle threat from a government ministerial offi cer via administrative worker.

The harassment towards myself engaged by police had been acknowledged in court by judges. Barbwire Noose as a brand and the damage and losses it had suffered were yet to be litigated. In 2018 Honourable Magistrate Teresa Anderson made notions, an ackn owledgment and statement regarding the Institutional harassment from SAPOL towards my persons. The Magistrate to follow as Mount Gambier Magistrate Maria Panagiotidis let Mount Gambier and South Australia down by not calling the much Commissio n into SAPOL in yearsneeded following 2020 Royal , the same could be said about Magistrate Teresa Anderson . Magistrate Maria Panagiotidis after Magistrate Paul Foley ordered SAPOL to act on the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven instead heard the case. Giving SAPOL the obstruction they needed to charge Kurt Slaven as the sex offender he is. not It was an unfortunate ruling made by Magistrate Maria Panagiotidis with the correct outcome . A hard case to decipher, the court proceeding s and case riddled with elements from police was of abuse of power and process courtroom . Abuses that continued in the . As a Judge, court powers allow for a Royal Commission to be called by politicians and judicial authorities from my position, a victim and whistleblower the judges involved in witnessing the institutional abuses are obligated to recognise the malpractice and maladministration of the police force and call Royal Commission . A valid basis for enquiry, Royal Commission is primarily investiga tive, with the aim of uncovering the truth about something. A Royal Commission has a specialist focus and has vast powers to prove an issue (s) thoroughly, including undertaking research and consultations with experts in the field, as well as preparing a li st of witness es which my name should be on.

It was such unwanted adverse drama as I continued to push forward with Barbwire Noose campaign. I honestly do not through the defamation really know how I survived; hate overruled my will to be dead I suppose. By 2020, I had called out criminal corruption with criminal and civil offending reports in four departments of governance in the st ate of South Australia. Reporting Australian Safety Standards concerns in the government’s Adelaide Hospital project 2017 construction, minor child abuse concerns in Aquatics Teaching 2018 education department and the Australian policing sectors of the period of 2014-2023, plus the disabilities sector. The fact that I’ve called out so much government sector misconduct I believe is a driving reason behind governance excessive vested interest in not only silencing myself but ruining my credibility.

The exposure of many of these apparent helping hands that were actually persons contributing to the defamation which led my life into severe reckless endangerment, homelessness and/or sexual crimes. Friends were the first to want to be investors and were the last investors whom I thought would fall through. As with a majority of start-ups family and friends are usually supportive, eager to invest and even great voluntary contributors at times. With outstanding advertising and a solid business plan I thought bringing friends and family who were supportive along on my journey was the right direction. I was wrong so I am quietly thankful to the disruption for that. The neglectful investigations of SAPOL and a media investigation by Today Tonight in 2012, led by Frank Pangello, into SAPOL corruption was the beginning of myself being exposed to persons involved in the sex industry and many enemies dressed as friends. These background investigations planned by SAPOL, the Federal Police, my uncle, a dodgy journalist and VICPOL all affected Barbwire Noose business capital. The damages to my prosperity, progress, prospects and branding of my rare and inimitable trademark on display with global witnesses. Barbwire Noose which I had worked day and night on since 2008, established in 2005, standing up for good, for Human Rights, had nearly all its prospects come to a full halt. Every time I reattempted to incorporate even in later years like 2018 and 2021 it was unlike 2012. In 2012, there was much interest from Australian, United Kingdom and United States investors yet after years of the brand when I reached out for investors with an established, healthy, and attractive portfolio of achievements brand Barbwire Noose was met with only Indian and Bangladesh investor interest. This result is such a conclusive portrayal of the damages done by defamation.

The crowd was f Saturday the 25th of illed when Barbwire Noose® featured, November 2017 at Fly by Night venue in Fremantle, WA. The Barbwire Noose® collection was received well and I was in the zone on the runway. Delighted to be met with the ore of a pleased crowd, followed by many compliments when engaging with the viewers during the night. Immensely pleased with the response to my Raw Cuts, Raw Stitch No Waste, No Overlocking looks. The Collection ‘BNatural Heights’ by Marcia Anita Hobbs of Barbwire Noose Clothing, International Miss Australia United Nations 2018 (2017); was an Eco breaker –- fashion stereotype putting everyday fashions and Glam on the Australian Eco Fashion Week Runway. My designs predominantly with the environment in mind, crafted for EF WA, strayed from the norm of perfected machine stitch, wasted fabric edging and overlocked seams to create a collection of raw imperfect perfection.

Barbwire Noose, in 2018, again successfully graced the EFWA Runway in Perth. One year after the events launch and admittedly, I was very disappointed to be involved in a substandard event. My feelings also shared by many other designers, more so Internationally returning designers. The venue had been downgraded from the year prior which was held at Fly by Night Musicians Club (2017) to in 2018 being held at the Fremantle Football Club. The downgrade venue on top of the news that what was supposed to be a non-for-profit conglomerate, yet again in Australia was not. The event organiser not registered as not-for-profit, as well as being an entrant and selling a good share of her fabric to designers. Promoting eco fashion and styles being the main drive of the Eco fashion week platform, I listened to many designers backstage express how poor the opportunities promised by the 2018 event were and agreed.

My BN Couture Collection for EFWA 2018 was called ‘ECOTOPIA’. During the year of 2018 I was still competing in pageantry and had not long returned from Jamaica, USA where I was an international title holder representing Australia. I again brought to the Eco runway stereotype breaking eco fashion. Everyday fashions with a twist. My designs this year were artistic with raw environmental flair. These BN Couture designs crafted for EFWA strayed further away from the norm than I presented in 2017. The norm of the perfect machine stitch was still totally out the window in my designs. Using fabric edging the raw seams created a collection of back to basics, outspoken, imperfectly perfect assembled threads. The zero-waste theme a repeat and unique feature in each garment within the ECOTOPIA collection as with BNatural Heights. I created an eight-piece Collection this year, as opposed to the six garment collection of 2017. Designs of 2018 spanning from evening wear to casual look streetwear styles. These artistic eco designs were reflective of the brand’s everyday threads and featured two glamorous gowns, one ivory which I planned to wear in wedding nuptials – if I ever decide to actually say yes to someone and stick to it. Hemp was a prominent material in my collection of 2018 using a recycled bottle eco felt also. A collection of bold, abstract genius, so unique the designs themselves captivated the imagination.

My focus throughout every disruption always reverted back to branding sales avenues and strategic alliances especially whilst finances were low. So during 2018 I also attended a Retail festival with leading and recognised retailers in Sydney in September. The event commenced just prior to EFWA 2018 and honestly was almost a complete waste of time and money also. Again, who attended. my opinion was shared by many others The event generated regarding retailing for Barbwire Noose some mild interest in stores and on other sales platforms. It was a disappointing event, with many attendees recommending other retail sh ows they had attended to me as we conversed. The Sydney Retail Festival is the Only retail festival Barbwire Noose® has ever attended. The only lead generated from the, event was for Amazon, an international platform to which was obtainable without attending the event at all. You just sign up online.

Barbwire Noose has sponsored a few heavy metal bands and supports the Australian metal industry featuring brutal Australian metal on the brands social media platforms and websites. I personally made many heavy metal connections via the ‘BRUTAL’ feature. The ‘BRUTAL’ feature is where Barbwire Noose® social media promotes heavy metal bands music on the website. A significant heavy metal social media friend I had made during this period was Abreact drummer who in 2012 joined VICPOL. The drummer around my age (four years older) was a person I found attractive after he text and propositioned myself 2018/2019. He was no longer in the Heavy Metal scene so I felt I was crossing no lines, personally liking to take the high ground. Our conversations revealing VICPOL for years were aware of much criminal conduct surrounding myself. He knew of the DVD circulation of revenge porn by Luke Hubert Scheidl, Sean Irvine and others. Private footage that had been allowed to be shared by seedy police in the intentional character assassination of myself and Barbwire Noose®. Intentional malfeasance of a malicious nature coupled with accusations of no basis or facts – revenge porn used for defamation. He was my biggest dumb crush in 2019, the drummer boy who unfortunately had turned into a dodgy VICPOL police officer. Finalising this publication I had a lawyer soliciting a large torts claim against VICPOL,

“What form does power take in situations of retaliation against whistle dominant peblowers? In this article, we move away from rspectives that see power as a resource. In place, we propose a theory of normative power and violence in whistle blower retaliation, drawing on an indepth empirical study. This enables a deeper understanding of power as it circulates in complex processes of whistleblowing. We offer the following contributions. First, supported by empirical findings we propose a novel theoretical framing of whistleblower retaliation and the role of mental health, which draws upon poststructuralist psychoanalytic thinking. Specifically, we highlight how intraand interpsychic affective and ambivalent attachments to organisations influence the use of normative violence in cases of whistleblower retaliation. The second contribution is empirical and builds upon the existing literature on whistleblower retaliation by highlighting how organisations position whistleblower subjects as mentally unstable and unreliable individuals, to undermine their claims. We conclude by highlighting the implications of normative power for the outcomes of whistleblower struggles.” Kenny, K., Fotaki, M. and Scriver, S. J Bus Ethics (2018).

The Australian Greens introduced National Integrity Commission Bill 2018, No. 2 on 9th September 2019 and it passed the Senate yet was not formalised to address National Integrity issues for years. A frivolous effort at implementing governing integrity by the Liberals. Years passing without the Liberal government addressing National Government Department’s criminal conduct, fraudulent sector approvals and an increasing environment of malpractice, maladministration, and corruption to the point where our police force was paralysed to protect citizens it utilised against elite sex offenders, bikers, drug dealers and persons involved with the prostitute industry. My research into the cover up of governing crimes both clerical and witnessed was always reported and revealed the distinct link between persons governing disabilities representatives and abuse. The character assassinations were repeated heavily in a campaign to try and silence myself speaking out again on behalf of these disabled persons.

2018 – Gleeson College annual quiz night fundraiser, sponsorship street-smart initiative South Australia and Victoria, sponsorship neighbourhood watch initiative, featured in newspaper The Border Watch Mount Gambier, Eco fashion week Australia Upcycle Challenge in QLD – Eco Fashion Week Runway Perth, Sydney Retail Festival and Amazon Australia platform development, Business Award nominations.

The opportunity organised many things for their designers, via zoom meetings I was able to meet and greet the team. I had to scrape and scrounge to budget funds so I could immediately tailor for NYFW2021. A truly unexpected moment to which I felt blessed and grateful for. I pawned off some old jewellery - mainly gifts from ex boyfriends. Tailoring for the runway was arranged in both Australia and India. An Indian pageant queen I met in Jamaica, 2018 managed the India production. It was wonderful to have help, she interpreted my designs but struggled to gain reliable tailoring. I quickly questioned the motives of all involved as time was passing with no production at quoted prices that bought everyone involved their own house in India! What the fuck, these designs were not intricate, the fabrics yes were specified to the highest quality. Yet it was mainly common Indian silks. My designs biggest costs for fabric in India was the Barbwire Noose specifically manufactured tweed. When I finally received something from the Indian based tailors the quality was not runway standard. And the property where I resided was attempting to make me homeless. I was suddenly hit with relocation costs. So not only were the dresses sub standard, and not at all tailored to the specifications, they arrived late and I was helplessly between a rock and a hard place to hold a home. The opportunity to tailor with me and my brand to me looked like it was seen as a great money making scheme. Not taking the opportunity seriously, the venture to those in India was clearly seen as an opportunity to try and milk Barbwire Noose with unjustifiable expenses. The costs demand VS good supplied was something you don’t even see in the memes about online shopping. I was lucky the concept photographed well as the garments could not be worn in public. After the arrival of my Indian tailored threads showed the Indian venture was a waste of six months, then I was raped. Yes, just when you are thinking it could not get much worse – it did. A self declared associated felon named Christopher McRostie, raped me, told me Travis wasn’t going to be there for me anymore and I’d have no one. Then sent out of context messages to Travis trying to break us up all while he sent text messages to me trying to blackmail me. The text messages telling me to remove the police statement I wrote against him and he’ll un-send his dodgy messages to Travis. I told my American guy what was going on as soon as I could. I never retracted my statement and the defamation had no effect on mine and Travis’s engagement and plans to marry. That clear, the rape and two threats causing relocation before I was set to fly off did. One of the moves (after the rape) to interstate I was forced to leave behind my NYFW Indian tailored garments to survive which regardless of the quality, relocating I could not even afford new tailoring. Hence everything was ruined for Barbwire Noose New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2021. I had no time to sell my car or opportunity to do so relocating to find a roof – which if I didn’t find a roof was going to be my roof. Severely disrupted by the substandard India production and the on going Reckless Endangerment of my life to cover up sexual abuses and criminal conduct by government. Christopher McRostie is known to SAPOL. His brother actually contracts works in association with SAPOL. The report was never acted upon, a police officer called Michael Prescott of the Norwood police station refused to take the matter seriously, dismissive and to me a deliberate obstruction of justice, SAPOL did not put the matter before the courts. Even after the attempts of blackmail to retract my statement against him. Sexually assaulted prior to the Flying Solo NYFW debut and being completely pushed to the refuge of suicide by SAPOL, is why I returned to the NT, Alice Springs. After my first visit, defamation unbeknown to me had spread and suddenly even in the NT there were numerous attempts of sexual assault by men. One of these creeps who could be linked to the AFP police commissioner receiving an apology from Reece Kershaw. Reece Kershaw, previously the Northern Territory Police Commissioner is the AFP’s 8th Commissioner, taking up the role on the second of October 2019. A substantial upgrade from his position in the NT police force, a promotion to head a National police force. NT Commissioner Reece Kershaw had apologised for privacy breaches, you would think he would have some respect for privacy then wouldn’t you. His apology made to a creep sadly. This creep while I was engaged to Travis making malicious accusations (association and prostitution defamation) attempted to sexually assault me and felt he was immune from repercussions, stating his dad worked with Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Pine Gap Alice Springs. Everything that came out of Luke Horsfall mouth was sex offenderish. He talked about his brother being a gin jockey, bragging about bikers, was derogatory about women’s private regions, to me he was a pipsqueak criminal really – a cocky sex offender. I Hate those guys. Pine Gap is the Joint Defence Facility of Australia and America. The station is partly run by the United States Central Intelligence Agency, better known as the CIA. The bragging sex offender, who I met as an acting extra during one of the many extras and acting roles I landed in the Northern Territory, with accusations at myself that I was a Hells Angel and prostitute (September 2021). A CIA linked felon calling me a biker and prostitute just as Barbwire Noose Clothing and I was scheduled to debut NYFW and in the Flying Solo New York store. The malicious accusations with no basis or facts had spread across Australia, and irrefutably these intentionally malicious accusations were being spread by law enforcement. Damaging, dangerous defamation driven by police. Proof they are spreading defamation and across borders, to family and criminal associations. No gossip without media assistance spreads that far, that fast and the media was yet to interview me about the Truth. Having only been invited by American broadcasting to discuss this crazy life and notions without appointments from Australian media broadcasters. The damaging cover up at the expense of our non-cognitive disabled peers.

My statement POLICE vs Kurt Slaven is centre stage of UGLY HEROS. My legal representation asking for trial to be by jury in 2018 the matter should have been resolved before these autobiographies printed. The institutional harassment from SAPOL towards myself was verbally acknowledged by Honourable Judge Teresa Anderson in 2018. The trial a good battle for me to wage. SAPOL were properly warned and requested to act on the Police VS Kurt Slaven statement by Judge Paul Foley before presenting the statement as shared evidence in court regarding a police disciplinary matter. During these vindictive proceedings SAPOL police claimed my statement to be evidence (statement Police VS Kurt Slaven). Acknowledging the weight of the offending. SAPOL then refused to charge Kurt Slaven (act on the evidence) after the directive given in Mount Gambier Magistrates Court by Paul Foley. Ignoring this directive is an act of intentionally perverting the course of justice and an act of treason and fraud against my persons benefiting criminal conduct and malfeasance in government departments. If you read Australia constitution it reads: The trial on indictment of any offence against any law of the Commonwealth shall be by jury, and every such trial shall be held in the State where the offence was committed, and if the offence was not committed within any State the trial shall be held at such place or places as the Parliament prescribes. Furthermore, section 75(v) of the Commonwealth Constitution confers jurisdiction on the High Court of Australia where “a writ of mandamus or prohibition or an injunction is sought aga inst an officer of the Commonwealth”. Resolution via the certiorari writ or order by which a higher court reviews a case tried in a lower court also relevant. The Australian Government via South Australian ICAC in violation of constitutional right s deliber ately engaged with the defamation campaign, calling me a ‘serial reporter’ . The integrity commission ran neglectful investigations and indulged the malicious accusations with no basis or facts to aid the acknowledged cover up. The unconstitutional associat ion laws of the Mike Rann government allowed my rights to be breached by legislation being used to cover up criminal conduct and major racketeering within the police force and government authorities.

And here’s the Stockholm syndrome speaking . He had not been all bad, despite the fact that he was a stalker and rapist, he had at least one good bone in his body. He had been honest about the plot to Character a ssassinate and leave me homeless. The operation to cover up for Kurt Slaven by blaming someone else, someone else that did not want to be blamed Damian stated. Damian’s claims against the police forces and Labor governments irrefutably true. On returning t o Mount Gambier, South Australia in 2018 I reported Damian for his sexual crime and Domestic Violence. The police tried to cover up his crimes at the same time as trying to cover up for Kurt Slaven and in turn assist a Labor government to hide hideous crim es against disabled persons. I spend the next two years fighting a man that said he loved me who almost ruined my life and Brand Barbwire Noose® which was the final piece of inspiration I needed to write UGLY HEROS The Price of Unlawful Enforcement Autobio graphy, International publication by Europe Books.

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