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It's Singing to Someone.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Tales and Trials of 2018

"Barbwire Noose, my brand - Australian Fashion label, an immortalized fashion icon with its own publication ‘The Story Behind The Brand - BARBWIRE NOOSE’ very much came to life in 2008. I had waited until my trademarks were finally all approved by 2007, after making applications to IP Australia in 2005. Taking products to my family every Christmas for years prior to this autobiography. I stopped having Christmas with my family in 2018, when they were unsupportive of myself seeking resolution for the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement against the police force. My Mother was very supportive of my label at the beginning of its establishment and would purchase my products for my relatives as Christmas presents. Her family members are slightly negative to my business threads and successes. Living a distance away from the family, my Mother and her Mother at times with a fragile relationship, I had learned through Nanna about the old study application made by myself for a massage degree. A course I never undertook - the paperwork was never posted. My Aunty had also engaged in the malicious accusations with no basis or facts, sharing myself and a friends stay at her house at 18 years old. Sarah, my bestie at the time, and I nightclubbing at 'Heaven' now HQ in Adelaide. Intending to check out all the nightlife we planned to visit numerous venues, including American icon strip venue The Crazy Horse. We never made it, 36 years old and I have NEVER set foot in a strip joint. I was SO disappointed hearing my family was chasing prosperity out of my back. Unsurprisingly from some family personalities. Steve, another massive disappointment regarding family, a member of my family by marriage who worked at IDSC when I did had have actually discredited my character when I reported sexual abuse and neglect in the disabilities sector. This Uncle by marriage in my teenage years commiting child abuse against myself, hitting me in front of my Mother over a poker card game. Working only night shifts at IDSC, his volatile temper showed a lack of self-control which it’s highly likely clients also suffered. My Dad was livid as he found out driving home to Mount Gambier from Adelaide. Concerned about the background of the BMW riding Uncle, Dad chose not to react to the violence. A complicated family situation, there was a level of gratitude I felt in their disappointing mistreatment - a valid reason to sever ties with toxic people."

"Always keeping myself in the Aquatics Teaching field. I have been Awarded my 10 years Teaching Qualification certification from AUSTSWIM as a licensed teacher. My only time away from the Amazing children of Mount Gambier I had the pleasure of meeting and teaching, was to work Government Disabilities, once my brand was established and after my horrifying relationship with Damian Ferrari of VICPOL in 2018."

"Frank Pangello to me seemed to be following in Nick Xenophon’s opportunist footsteps, after I had shared my heart wrenching story and my concerns with the journalist, he ceased communication just to team up with the other politician that chose to profit from valuable reports of government sector whistleblowing. These immoral and highly unethical choices witnessed by myself time and time again in Australian governance. Persons who represented the community within government constantly white washing the communities to hide crimes committed in government sectors. Peter Malinauskas a key political figure for the South Australian Labor party from Cabinet of South Australia in the Jay Weatherill Ministry between January 2016 and March 2018, holding, at various times, ministerial portfolios with responsibility for police (2016−2017), correctional services (2016−2017), emergency services (2016−2017), road safety (2016−2017), health (2017−2018) with much to hide in numerous sectors his responsibility had fallen. Peter Malinauskas overlooking malpractice, corruption, sex crimes and lacking Australian standards in Health regarding Studform Mt Gambier Fire doors. A political figure with links to corrupt, pedo protecting, prostitute using Darryl Peter Wright of SAPOL. A politician should reform government sector misconduct, corruption - and especially criminal offending. Political leaders, like the many police officers surrounding myself for years, were in a position of power to achieve great things yet they made conscious and wilful decisions to do Nothing. Never addressing the government sector corruption, they were aware of for the people they politically and publicly claimed to serve."

"It was under a Federal Liberal Government, that the state Labor government of South Australia was overturned in 2018, with Frank taking a very questionable career change from journalist to politician during this period. Reiterating the outed by Malcom Turnbull mass media corruption in politics - Kerry Stokes, in control of Channel 7 at this time owned by Seven West Media through his majority investment in Seven Group also having some mining interests. Mining a politically entwined industry. WIN's Bruce Gordon is the biggest shareholder followed by mining magnate Gina Rinehart and Lauchlan Murdoch. Between myself being falsely investigated and Frank's interest and sudden disappearance from the shadows of a serious assault investigation to politician there shows a distinct form of corporate media control and corruption within politics. As a member of the public, we have a right to know the truth through media, corporate control and greed have no place in politics let alone to blur the transparency in freedom of speech with corporate conglomerate control over media assets.

A Former Prime Minister Mr Malcom Turnbull, privileged to the in’s ins and out’s outs of political manipulation and media driven politics. A commendable and respectable former Prime Minister deserving of much praise for his frank honesty in his book and his efforts to maintain the Great Australian Project - our Legacy created by, and fought at war for by, our ancestors. The monopoly and bullying within the media and its ability to silence the truth and aid injustice and corruption in Australia was out of control under the Federal Liberal Government.

For years I was subject to Police Commissioner Grant Stevens gang agenda. Allowing me to be raped for years, Grant Stevens the Most disgusting Commissioner hopefully to exist in SAPOL History - unlucky to have a repeat of this man, used the media to hide police corruption, criminal conduct and build a personal profile to hide his heavy involvement in SAPOL’s corruption endless during his reign.

Irrefutable by 2018, the Monster protector Darryl Peter Wright and Grant Steven's of SAPOL were proven beyond doubt that they had perverted the course of justice. Perverting the course of justice is an offence consisting of any conduct done in order to prevent justice being served upon the offender or upon another person. It is a serious offence that carries a maximum penalty of 25 years imprisonment.

A perversion of the course of justice that seen Kurt Slaven, in 2018 with the assistance of ICAC officer Darryl Peter Wright apparently, trying to build himself a public profile to hide that he sexually offended against a minor. A cover up with Prime Ministers Scumo's mates at News Corp Media. News Corp Media, the media corporation who silenced the truth with police corruption involving political members and media bias for years for SAPOL, VICPOL, AFP and governing bodies of Australia. All the way to the Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Office. The fact that for years an ex-police officer, sexual predator did not make headlines for anything other than his Presidency at Woodville West Torrens Football Club irrefutable evidence of the extensive wilful deception and severe efforts being made to pervert the course of justice. In 2020, with this autobiography in printing stages of publication, sex offender Kurt Slaven resigned from the Board to pursue a position on the SANFL Commission. This media cover up and announcements exposing the desperate and sly steps by a guilty man out of time claiming to be stepping back from the club, a frivolous excuse to save face. The tainted and criminal police officer’s irrefutable cover up agenda exposed a level of corruption within media transparency which was also aiding and abetting illegal police and government conduct. "

"Each officer I trusted proved to have vested interested in illegal industry, prodiminately predominately the illegal sex trades. Trusting both the SAPOL officers displaying a weird obsession with myself, until my relationship with VICPOL officer Damian Ferrari. Damian called David Kyriacou ‘lyrical’ referring to his Bluetooth and digital manipulation of song lyrics. My devices, heavily used and abused for illegal psychological warfare, I live with no Real Privacy. Darryl Peter Wright, Damian informed me, was the most corrupt. Quoting Damian who stated that Darryl was “setting myself up with my family”. A comment I did not understand when it was first made. Damian was right, myself proving in 2019 Darryl had been trying to set me up as a prostitute, claims made by my Uncle Greg. I had trusted the right level cop - an ICAC officer, but I was SO Wrong to have trusted Darryl. Darryl Peter Wright being the most destructive of the compromised police I encountered over 6 years of institutional targeting. The claims of Darryl Peter Wright’s involvement in the prostitution industry as a client emerged initially in 2015 and were conclusive by 2018. Darryl Peter Wright’s use of prostitutes, at the least, one of the reasons he was protecting the illegal sex industry, and felons like David Bradley, Luke Hubert Scheidl and Luke Ryan. Darryl’s involvement with illegal industry and pimp policing ambitions were irrefutable by 2019. 4 years after Darryl Peter Wright stated his famous last words “I’ll look after you” to me. Words I’m sure he meant from his level of comprehension at the time when involved in a swab test illegally conducted by the illegal operations of Detective Gary Wayne Sporten (56173) in my Penola Road property.

Darryl’s desperation to cover up his involvement in illegal industry and gang alliances leading to the officer having my owl stolen from my residence. The Owl, a porcelain ornament, in the later part of 2019 representing the actions of a police officer committing petty theft in corrupt desperation. I had been wondering about the ICAC South Australia officers’ intentions and integrity since 2016, by 2019 I wondered no more, Darryl Peter Wright irrefutably corrupt and targeting myself.

A paramount level of exposure can be laid on Scumo’s alliance with News Corp, and it’s called out for what it is by Malcom Turnbull’s admirable truths in ‘A Bigger Picture’ - I seem like an advert for the man. Seriously, the book is a page turner.

Australian Associated Press (AAP) proved to be the only media interested in honesty. Boldly accommodating the media release of this autobiography within this hostile and governing corrupt media climate. The media giants of this time were often referred to by another leader, serving USA President Donald Trump as 'Fake News'. The media’s honesty and dishonesty at a gridlock within corporate greed and mounting government red tape. Julian Paul Assange (born 3 July 1971), Australian editor, publisher, and activist who founded WikiLeaks in 2006 is a prime example of our times, the questionable use of National Security by definition and the obvious threats to Freedom of Speech and Justice For All."

"Myself addressing the Seriousness of the High Court precedent and the withholding of evidence by the DPP on court records prior to July 2020. The facts continually being rejected by a police force protecting a guilty serious sex offender for over half a decade was bad enough. Yet SAPOL pushing lies and corruption through the courts for years to cover up for a police officer whom committed a serious, paedophile class, sex offence something out of control to watch as a just minded person. Drafting the UGLY HEROS manuscript took years of preparation with the public release of my story from October 14th, 2018, after spending the year of 2018 in Victoria in relationship with then partner Damian Ferrari and him revealing the plot of my family and SAPOL to cover up for Kurt Slaven.

The mechanic, Dick, who approached myself ballsy to give evidence against Kurt Slaven in 2017 by 2019 with no action by the Australian police towards their own corruption had been scared out of speaking against the SAPOL rapist. Many witnesses after 6 years standing up against a criminal aligned pedophile police officer were exhausted. Prostitutes looking for immunity were the only persons coming forward against Kurt Slaven in 2020, immunity was not on the cards for anyone linked to attacking myself. A police force adamant to hide Kurt Slaven’s sex crimes and compromised career was out of control. Dick and Luke Hubert Scheidl had confirmed Kurt Slaven of SAPOL, the detective in the automobile theft committed by Luke in his youth did compromise the major SAPOL investigation. Myself personally told about this corruption by Luke and then the man to which witnessed Kurt Slaven step over the stolen motor in his property in 2010 and 2017, an irrefutable perversion of the course of justice. Kurt Slaven’s compromises and criminal offences, plentiful."

"Both Paul Griffiths and Kurt Slaven were reported in the year of 2014. By the year 2018, no resolution had been reached regarding the statement against Kurt Slaven and the anti-corruption body - ICAC South Australia was proven to be protecting Paul Griffiths. I had written to the governing Police Ministries (Labor and Liberal) and had addressed for resolution the Prime Ministers Minister’s Office and many State Premiers by 2020.

The Integrity Commission of South Australia (ICAC) was as rotten to the core as SAPOL. The policing sector was riddled with corrupt staff and the hierarchy of compromise was so severe that ICAC and governing ministers could not even achieve resolution to serious sexual crimes and serious misconduct discrepancy within policing departments."

"I detail the extent of the Character Assassinations and Governing Corruption engaged to hide such unfathomable compromises involving my Freedom Of Information (FOI). Government documents falsified to cover up government crimes that were withheld from myself for years. The mass amount of false documentation and allegations used like a weapon in the character assasination assassination campaign to have me stalked and preyed on by seedy police officers and associated creeps. A dangerous game played with my life by police. The defamatory documents also provided to media outlets and politicians as well as my legal representation but never myself. It was in 2018 when I applied numerous times to view my FOI without success. I requested FOI documentation from SAPOL researching the periods from 2001 - 2005 and 2010 - 2017. I was the Instructor in Charge of the Government supported Royal Lifesaving Society VACSWIM Swimming Programme in Millicent, Regional South Australia in 2018. Millicent is located approximately 50km from Mount Gambier. The program was printed in the local South Eastern Times, a front page report on the Life Saving Swim Teaching program, written by a well-respected local journalist Fred Smith. Myself featured in The Border Watch newspaper personally numerous times; it was my first feature in the Millicent based newspaper printed by The Border Watch of Mount Gambier. Blessed with the kind and invaluable advice to request my FOI travelling to Millicent with this employment. The bright suggestion was made when I was discussing my police misconduct concerns. The upstanding member of the local

community familiar with governing documents making the recommendation."

"Living in Victoria in 2018 you would think would have changed my disposition, Not the case. The eventful and predatory relationship that developed between myself and a National Medal, Diligence and Ethics acknowledged, 33 years in the police force Victorian police Officer - Damian Ferrari. A police officer I found out after forcing a relationship with myself, that had a predatorial history and Domestic Violence tendencies. He was honest regarding the police forces misconduct and its operations including operations and investigations surrounding myself. Yet Damian was someone who pursued a relationship with myself through illegally stalking myself during the Gordon hamm Hamn investigation. A predator who arose from the false prostitute claims. I was left questioning why Damian told me the illegal policing discrepancies my life had endured as the relationship travelled its course. Like Luke Hubert Scheidl, he seemed to be enjoying telling myself how I had been used as rape bait by police, enjoying psychological hurting myself. Damian upon myself leaving him, deliberately tried to push me basically into homeless immediately. Very much trying to leave me helpless so I had to run back to him like he had told me I would have to. When I left Damian after moving into his Victorian residence, he showed no care regarding my life or safety. Generating further costly defamation against myself and lying regarding his offending and myself as a person. Damian seemingly Abandoned all his revelations regarding police misconduct. He had distinctly told myself my family was blaming myself for what he said, “they had been doing” and that SAPOL and VICPOL knew of Kurt Slaven’s guilt. I left the lonely, creepy old man to his criminal alliances, his aim to indulge in the illegal sex industry run by Brendan Consitine from Casterton, Victoria. A prostitute supply which included Bianca Rayner and Chloe Fewster. I was unhappy with Damian’s initiation of our relationship, a forced relationship. Damian was a very manipulative man, his domestic violence physical and narcissistic, Damian had revealed he had prostate cancer and implied he was severely ill at one of the times I was trying to leave our relationship. His manipulative ways from this revelation of disease leading to him using Prostate Cancer as an excuse to have sex with me. Stating his doctor told him he needed to regularly ejaculate. When I resided with Damian it was revealed he was obsessed as with many other officers with a video he should not have viewed. Detailed in Chapter 13, desperately wanted myself to perform oral sex on him during our relation. Something I refused on the suspicion he had an obsession with the private video illegally circulated of myself. I was right, like Darryl Peter Wright and many men within the Australian police force Damian wanted to marry a human hover. A VICPOL officer confirmed the circulation of this revenge porn video amongst their ranks after I left Damian in 2018."

"Where sh*t gets real is when you apply governing law to all these incredibly outrageous ongoings. As a Government employee all police personnel involved with myself were legally obligated to report corruption and disclose crimes they bore witness to in court. This outside of the ongoing string of offences in question over these years to resolution. It was apparent during the year of 2019, after I left Damian that Damian was only trying to make things worse for myself and wanted marriage to benefit from myself. As with every police officer that interacted with myself. I reported Damian for a Domestic Violence incident at the Melbourne airport and detailed his predatory offending to gain a relationship with myself in November 2018 to a special unit of VICPOL. A report leading to further corruption being revealed within the ranks of VICPOL. Damian’s disgraceful conduct after I left him was something I had to endure while I faced court proceedings to charge the biggest Ugly Hero of this autobiography - Kurt Slaven."

"David Kyriacou, the freemason to which sparked further curiosity in myself about the fraternity I joined, ended up writing a false statement as a Freemason against myself. Testament to this fact that meeting the wrong Freemason can be detrimental. After I called out Kyriacou’s associations with police misconduct and his pursuit of myself in 2015 the scorned man went on a rampage character assassinating myself with claims regarding my mental stability and defamatory claims of damaging drug use. The statement was written 3 years after David Kyriacou’s interactions with myself and was clearly written for the prostitute using married Freemason Darryl Peter Wright. A statement to which I viewed at the end of 2018. These immoral and unethical choices made by fellow freemasons as well as the knowledge I gained from my membership resulted in myself leaving the Freemasons in 2019. Like a modern Thomas Hobbes I challenged the moral integrity of the cult religion to the point where I publicly outed the Freemasons association with the infiltrated Hells Angels of Australia and governing body manipulation. Illegitimate freemasons worldwide for years had been telling myself females could not be freemasons, with other nasty commentary coming after I called out some freemasons as immoral, hiding behind a veil of moral belief. Like the pedophile priest hides his sins behind the trusting brethren he lies to with the bible, the brethren's naive trust in God and good faith keeping them blind to his lies. David Kyriacou, scorned goat Cou Cou, after making efforts to recruit myself into freemasonry was a jerk. The actions of Cou Cou never cease to astonish myself after years of watching him float around this disgraceful police conduct. My brand Barbwire Noose not only tarnished by SAPOL but also used by the Freemasons for years to counteract Nazi warfare. In 2016 I was directed to tone down my advertising by my Adelaide lodge, to which I kindly replied a “No” like response. Expressing my views, marketing directions and that Barbwire Noose is MY brand and my business. My family, my uncle Greg brother and father, having in 2016 also lied about my mental stability to cover up their involvement in the use and misuse of my life by SAPOL making the character assasination by choice unforgivable. My family involved in the plot to try and cover up that I was used as rape bait by SAPOL. A cover up which lead to Numerous more rape offences being commited against myself and in covering up Kurt Slaven’s offending was the final straw for family relations with myself. My brother, with a shared Meth debit to Dick the Mechanic linked to Kurt Slaven, with his friend Ben Chant suddenly moved to QLD without resolving his issue with Ben had even lied to police sources involving myself to cover his mistake. Myself being used to resolve the Ben situation who was living in my brother’s property free of rent due to the debit. Selfish decisions which left myself suffering while my family profited out of my misery saying I was mentally unstable. A 6-year total was a cover up game, and Damian was right. My family were behind it as much as the police force, after discovering in 2014 I had been used as rape bait and a pawn piece in some sick gangland game with my family’s knowledge I could not continue to look past my families disregard for my life."

"The facts needed for resolution to the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement were written in this autobiography and complete within 3 months of manuscript availability of UGLY HEROS, this was the end period of 2018. Yet SAPOL continued to breach my victims' rights and did not disclose the Apparent new offender until charging him was stated in court, end of 2019. The pursuit of Andrew Cherry as my offender from the fabricated 2002 date and the elongation of this lie detrimental to the judicial sector, not just the police force. Publication contracting was initiated for UGLY HEROS at the beginning of January 2019. This autobiography registering with Libraries around Australia and Leading book stores nationally 2019 also. UGLY HEROS - The Price of Unlawful Enforcement should have been released in the latter half of 2019."

"Duties of care regarding police informants and a string of institutional concerns pushed out, with seemingly liberal Police Minister support since 2018 - both Governments of South Australia unconstitutional regarding police activities surrounding myself. Used as rape bait and allowed to be raped with police knowledge unconstitutional activity. The Liberal and Labor governing of South Australia with a lack of public accountability and responsibility exposed the severe injustices committed against myself revealing a perverse partisanship at this time which disregarded Human Rights. The left and right wing belonging to the same bird where Australia’s political views towards Human Rights were concerned at this time. Human Rights - A Bill of Rights, the finally Just resolution for the Injustices I had endured over these years that I wanted to be rectified. An irrefutable cover up of corruption and malpractice within the police force until the year 2020. Professor A.J. Brown, a corruption and integrity expert at Griffith University, says public hearings are perceived to be the most important weapon in the anti-corruption toolkit, even though more subtle means may yield equally useful results. Subtle means exhausted, the South Australia Police Association rejecting the 2016 police ombudsman report and ICAC overlooking serious criminal offences, solidified that SAPOL had no intention of changing its insidious culture, criminal activity and criminal alliances without public address."

"Officers Kurt Slaven (SAPOL), Paul Griffiths (SAPOL), David Kyriacou (SAPOL), Darryl Peter Wright (SAPOL), Tim Young (VICPOL), Damian Ferrari (VICPOL) all Proven to be gang associated police personnel. Tim Young (VICPOL), who apparently investigated myself in 2018/2019, joined the police force, I was told by South Australian police source, to become a criminally aligned Comanchero cop and proved he was criminally aligned through our interactions. Tim Young of VICPOL even asking for a bribe of a shooting range in 2019, one of the many embarrassing and illegal engagements he tried to have with myself."

"Royal Commission into SAPOL found the intel regarding VICPOL officer Tim and his Commanchero conduct are facts. Initially obtained from an ex STARForce personnel member that stated directly to myself regarding Tim Young of VICPOL illegal disposition in 2018. Intel to conclude Darryl Peter Wright is a bribe taking, prostitute using, married man - facts from police sourcing. Facts regarding the sex industry concluded in Australia 60 - 80% percent of prostitution industry clients were police officers’ information sourced directly from workers of the prostitution industry."

"Shout Out - Mount Gambier is a Fantastic little regional city, the scenery and activities are abundant. It’s a great place to visit and live.

It is also a designated location for new police officers to choose out of to be stationed in South Australia from recruiting. New cadets are mentored here and the culture and responses they attend are supposed to help build them in their future career. Imagine being asked as a cadet to lie for misconduct - in the Mount Gambier Police Station 2017/2018 it happened at the least, right into court. In a Majorly unignorable display by SAPOL and the local media regarding 2 police personnel in question over misconduct. Imagine alerting the police commissioner of this activity and it still occuring. This court appearance in 2018, Grant Stevens the then commissioner in South Australia who let the misconduct and attempted deception in court occur and to be encouraged. The covering up of activity which Needs disciplinary action at the highest level is a bar set for disaster in standards within the force Right now.

As a leader accountability is key, in praise, in outcome and in the process. The moment to which a standard lapse - at this bar level it is at the beginning of the career, the bar has been set to more than likely create a substandard officer. With current leaks, tip offs and associations a leader of high integrity is needed within SAPOL, willing to be dismiss officers whom breach conduct, endanger the public, commit animal welfare offences, etc. The public doesn’t expect officers to be perfect, but we do expect them to care for our welfare, and Animal welfare, as we All should."

"The police commissioner had changed during this period 2014 - 2017 as has the police minister of South Australia. I had spoken to both regarding concerns from this behaviour in Mount Gambier. 2017 and 2018 I spoke to the Police Ministers office, and I was Extremely concerning how they disregarded our regional area.

The new head of station, Superintendent Power Tripper Grant Moyle has a rank not a position. Literally Nothing has changed. Nothing. Same minions, same dealers, same bullshit even after 2 reported deaths, numerous serious assaults and an essay of misconduct and police criminal behaviour. Fresh faces with the Same Agenda, my bet was that they are or were part of the police association who didn’t like their conduct reviewed by the police ombudsman. 3 Major changes at the top of SAPOL and the issues are still there. Who would have thought you’d have to lead and discipline in these positions!? Not these new guys - policing was a badge like the force had just made Modelling about being naked. My Modelling in hibernation, I was surrounded by a stand and twirl shit show."

"Seriously dude - you think I walked around my local hoping people can’t read. Your you’re compromising these people’s community and hindering its growth. Money that should be going to local business is going into drugs and lining corrupt officers officers’ pockets. They have the Right to know. This man, Officer Adam Brown was sent by the commissioner. Trying to silence me!? The beginning of 2018 I was warned not to continue to post against the corrupt officers again. I continued to do so as I did not believe I was committing an offence as accused.

SAPOL came to my workplace with fabricated charges which the DPP Monday (15/10/18) could NOT determine. For a 3-month period Adam Brown held a fabricated charge against myself, undetermined for 3 months, rumoured throughout the community for 3 months. The desperate attempts at discrediting, endless - and now after all this, as I promised, Never surrender.

Our relationship broken really in its last year when I was seeing big boy, towards the end of our relationship he was accused of being things I assure you he wasn’t by my parents, gossip from their friends.

I ask someone if I have a question, I don’t contribute to the rumour. My parents had every opportunity to ask me for the Truth and didn’t. No one asked me anything."

"I’m me, if your a bully I won’t stand by idly. I had at this stage reported 7+ people for assault in my life - ALL with Successful Conviction. I was comfortable with 1 SAPOL police officer, Darren - Darryl Peter Wright, until 2019 and 1 officer in Victoria too whom I contacted 2017 and 2018 after the Gordon’s tragedy. Relative's in STARforce and ex STARForce officers, My Uncle Greg whom I don’t rate to highly at times with his judgemental manner and a few indirect Cousins whom I grew up with and think of fondly also linked to the police force. The good and bad of that is that There’s never going to be a time in my life where I need to be an informant. Between a Certificate 3 and the unbreakable links in my life to police I’ll literally just dob on you if you do something bad enough - like if you set up a bloke and kill him!? I went to the police - No brainer.

Figuring the boys around myself at the polices encouragement maybe too fried to figure out I’m NOT an Informant I take the commentary from David on board. As I’m not friends with the COA group of boys in town I did not really know many of them, different schools, and would not even say a word to any I knew of in passing. The police direct their criminal minions to me. Which was dangerous and disgusting activity involving Victorian police.

It’s candid and confronting isn’t it. Laid out here like washing on the line to dry this whirlwind of chaotic compromises. SAPOL, an entity of Government and the Australian Police Force a National Security risk of practices that could not continue, the practice of Police engaging in Criminal behaviour and calling it an operation. Police be Police. Gangsters be Gangsters. An Infiltrated police force, with bikers not police basically is Not what Australia needed. The population of Australia 24 million persons at the Authoring of this autobiography. The extent of over 20 years spreading STD across Australia in a police and biker feud stemming from war times and hiding it, had created a National Health concern. A concern evidently relevant on a worldwide scale also. Public declaration of the Health Risk needed to be made, yet the Government wasn’t happy to run a Royal Commission in SAPOL or the Federal Police Force knowing all this, with National Integrity structure it was a slow road to achieve a Better Way. Delaying the inevitable with half-baked Integrity state powers and a stalling of Real Integrity during nearly the entirety of the Federal Liberal term. South Australia serving under the Federal Government Liberal arm as a Labor and Liberal Government to silence this ongoing saga of Ugly Heros. Labor ministry and Liberal government politicians by this time in history well aligned with pedophilia through police aligned gang behaviours with Tony Abbott as a former Prime Minister even visiting pedophiles offender sympathisers and accused in 2019. Men in power aligned with criminal conduct with a lot to hide, determined to hide a lot."

"I moved August 2018 to Victoria to live with my then partner, a VICPOL Officer of many years. Upon our separation I moved back to Mount Gambier, South Australia. I did Not want to move to Beaufort Victoria in October, Damian - the then partner, insisted it was in my best interests. Stating my family intended to have me made homeless from the residence I was staying, my brother’s property, by illegal eviction. Damian did not care I personally was more comfortable with my friends fighting for justice regarding Kurt Slaven and Paul Griffiths offending than stressing with a new life in a new place. I delayed the move by 3 days which upset Damian quite a bit - I was scheduled to work and did so despite his objections. Damian, being a police officer in occupation, was to too much at this time for me, I couldn't trust him and did not want a relationship really until Kurt Slaven was charged. This all made me uneasy with the move. By his own admission Damian had followed the Gordon Hamm case. I contacted the officer I knew in VICPOL prior to leaving for Jamaica online. Writing to Aaron Roche electronically about Damian stating VICPOL was acting on the statement Mr Roche had prepared against David Bradley. I went to Jamaica for the United Nations pageant Finals 2018 and refused to kiss Damian getting off the plane upon my return. He had been constructing conversation to create arguments and tension within the relationship. All this esculating check the word whilst I was away and dealing with a rape case, ‘Dude please get a grip - your selfish’ I thought, yet I moved for the relationship as he was forcing it upon me, and I did believe my family were plotting to cover up using me - possibly going to leave me homeless like Damian stated. Damian making it clear that if we didn’t work out, we would be friends, not a forcing of marriage."

"I reported the Bradley family twice in 2018 for harassment with the second incident witnessed by a friend, little to no action taken."

"October 2018, I had in my possession a statement by SAPOL informing me that the USB was provided to Mount Gambier SAPOL detectives prior to reaching Aaron Roche, I did Not give Paul Griffiths or SAPOL Authority to view this evidence, just Aaron Roche VICPOL. "

"Damian Ferrari, a long serving Victorian police officer and my partner during the year 2018. My only partner during this period until Kurt Slaven was proven guilty. Damian was not supportive of my cause, by this I mean myself Publicly standing up for my Rights, and the community of Mount Gambier. Himself only witnessing my social media avenue of voice. Damian was investigated for following my social media by VICPOL in 2018, tipped off of this investigation by a deputy commissioner. Damian was illegally using police computers at the Ararat station to stalk my daily activity. Damian, as my partner, sent nasty commentary in text one day during 2018 to my phone, this was prior to moving to reside with him in Beaufort, Victoria. The belittling and disempowering text, calling me ‘weak’ for speaking out. Behaviour and an attitude from Damian that escalated with the move to Victoria. Actions and an attitude from Damian that then lead him, in public, engaging in the physical domestic violence incident at the Melbourne Airport against me when I arrived home from the USA - Jamaica. Words and Actions that had previously had me break up with Damian during our 6-month relationship - actions that made me leave him for good. Damian’s offending was reported to both VICPOL and SAPOL in the year of 2018, Damian was not convicted for over a year after his offending, offences being Domestic violence and sexual assault.

I trusted Damian after his persistent pursuit to date me. I had rejected his phone number because of his occupation - a police officer and himself being much older than me put me off. Damian and his friend from Classic Bet encouraging the relationship, expressing Damian did Not apparently at all support the behaviour he had heard and seen of these Mount Gambier officers engaging in. Damian was friends with my boss at Classic Bet, John. John Parkinson, a history of sex industry associations by his own admission, was the promotional model employer for the Australian betting company. A company which suffered a severe downturn in 2018, evidently due to the number of prostitutes investigated while I was employed to do promotional work for them. Bandido and Comanchero associated sex industry workers, some of these so-called promotional models were sourced directly from known venues in Melbourne. Kitten only licenced as a strip club according to Alyx Gray of VICPOL and reported as a brothel in 2018 to VICPOL was never publically found guilty of illegal activity. A Bandidos brothel alligned with Daniel Andrews and Damian Ferrari, stand out facts for National Integrity. Tracey Hendy, a shameless prostitute thinking I was one too trying to recruit myself to work at Kitten as drowned her Ugly deeds daily - her water bottle filled with alcohol. She drank from the early hours of the morning and was intoxicated whilst working. Describing clientele, by 2019 it was hard to believe one client described to be a prostitute user wasn't Tim Young of VICPOL and another Darryl Peter Wright of SAPOL. Both known to myself by this stage and both involved heavily in the cover up of the sex industry to the point where pedophile crimes and pedophile politicians were being protected and not prosecuted by the Australian Police Force.

Damian prior to our relationship, during our time getting to know each other over the phone, self-expressed his disapproval of the targeted harassment towards myself from the Mount Gambier police station. Damian also attended court with myself regarding this targeted harassment along with being financially supportive, I believed he cared for me. Damian told me Superintendent Grant Moyle had told his employees in the station to target and that Darryl Peter Wright knew of this activity towards myself. I thought Darry Peter Wright was investigating the behaviour of Grant Moyle, not engaging in it. I was wrong about Darryl Peter Wright and Damian was right, Darryl assisting Andrew Lock to get away with nearly breaking my arm, not dismissing him as he nodded promising me. Upon our breakup, myself leaving Damian, it was evident Damian had none of this integrity present regarding this apparent integral view and opinion."

"On the 29th of October 2018 I was at work, my Aquatics teaching role at the most recognised swim learning facility in Mount Gambier at this time, the original program Mastered by Nationally recognised Swim Coach Heather Klieve. The first woman in South Australia to obtain the National Silver Swimming Coaches Accreditation, coaching for over 30 years and holding numerous awards for coaching. The Mount Gambier police took 45 mins to respond to a felon in this premises, a premises filled with children. The felon had reportedly walked across the road from the monitored corrections home, a facility directly linked to the Mount Gambier jail where many paedophiles are sent once sentenced. The felon was having a psychotic episode and was scared with welfare concerns regarding himself and the direct community. The Mount Gambier police had recently been made aware of this man apparently and a psychotic episode he had. I spoke to the man - the felon, obtaining his name and calmed his demeanour. I dialled the Mount Gambier station directly and the call was directed to Adelaide 131444 from the station. The felon at this time a loitering man around children and vulnerable people, a man that had been hospitalised the day prior for similar behaviour. The ambulance arrived before the police this day and addressed the felon without police. The police station in Mount Gambier in distance from the swim pool building, was much closer than the hospital. Emergency services arriving first, it is the same distance from the police station and St John's in this year 2018. The lack of urgency in a child-oriented facility was Very concerning. ‘Why did this happen - was it because I made the report?’ I thought. Was the Mount Gambier Station this vindictive in operation it would compromise children and the Mount Gambier community to protect police rapists? All to Ignore Me - As time passed, it was Very evident some officers were this low and this corrupt. Numerous Assaults were reported at this time, I was met with No Action to each report, as with reports against Luke Hubert Scheidl in 2014. Assaults even stemming from the Aquatics facility which included minor physical indiscretions in the pool against children, this report unsatisfactorily addressed. Physical and character reports were overlooked by senior staff at the swim facility, seemingly with the consideration of offenders relations to Paul Griffiths and this senior staff member being in communication with police in numerous false investigations playing out the character assassination campaign. Common corporate and government competition strategy, character assassination - I had easily Road through the defamation agenda for years by 2018 building my brand with half naked advertising amongst claims of prostitution.

It was evident the police were ignoring my reports at the expense of the community for their character assassination agenda in 2018. Obvious to many within the small community of Mount Gambier by this stage that the police were behind the defamation agenda also. Members of the community expressing their disgust in the lies generated during this time openly and court records showing numerous dropped charges made up for the character assassination concluding abuse of process to allow time to run the defamation agenda. Expense lies, lies that lead me to Darryl Peter Wright and the corrupt power ICAC South Australia.

I myself reported the offending from the teacher towards children to the education department level and senior staff. In conjunction with this offender going unaddressed, an Aquatics employee was reported after an attack - glorified by the offender, an assault on a community member at a public event late 2018.

In 2018 it was evident persons in association with the police associated prostitution industry were completely out of control. Documented evidence in numerous emails from myself reporting and detailing misconduct and deliberate oversights throughout 2017 through to 2020. The desperation from the police to keep the ex HA Graham Young alive as a HA in the naive eyes of desperate wannabes was disgraceful to bear witness too for myself.

The man, addressed 45 mins too late by police, at the Aquatics and Dance school facility could have been a paedophile having a psychotic episode!? It is far from satisfactory that during the day, 5 minutes from the police station, that an incident involving a said felon was answered by emergency services without police. A man that was removed from the halfway corrections facility/homeless house premises after being detained only the night before for similar behavior, also without police. It was 15 minutes after the man was removed from the area by emergency services that a single female police officer attended the scene this day - 45 mins too late. I was not spoken to regarding the matter by this female officer despite the felon’s main interaction being with myself. This officer clearly had little genuine concern for the children which are affected if this behaviour continued to repeat itself. Not even asking to speak to myself, myself following up how the incident was handled after exiting the pool from teaching this day. How many lives, I thought to myself, does Grant Moyle and his lack of leadership have to compromise. Little did I know, ICAC South Australia was also behind the drive the Mount Gambier police force had to hide misconduct and a illegal industry aligned culture. Sad to see the levels of community affected by targeting tactics with the compromises by corruption and lies, this day endangering children. A dance School and Swim Teaching facility make up the operations of the building where this incident occurred. I, as a Aquatics Teacher at Government Education Department level, have to hold a National Police Clearance and a Child Screening Clearance to work with these children. Yet the local police station was not concerned about a psychotic offender!? ‘Really Grant Moyle!? - is that all your SuperIntendent title has got!?’ I thought. No leadership at all and an ICE increase broadcast on television defining the increase in ICE in South Australia over his period of service."

"David Newton Bradley continuing to breach this order in 2018. Even after knowing he had served time for this. I reported to Lee at this time a serious trespass and arson incident and informed her of the victim. The victim, a family friend, Officer Lee (SAPOL) failed to take a report against the Offender, David Newton Bradley who told me he set fire to the trailer and trespassed on the property for a point of ICE. I contacted the victim after reporting this to Officer Lee telling them the incident had been verbally reported and that they may be contacted or may want to contact the station.

This intervention order breach 2017, David jailed well after initially reported, Lee asked me to add to a statement she had prepared for court regarding the David Bradley’s IVO breach 2018. Still nothing regarding the arson, Lee and a young male officer wrote up some irrelevant dribble in the marked car parked out the front of the opposing neighbors property. As it was to assist the police with an offender against myself I signed it for her. I’m not sure how both Lee and Griffiths whom I had reported to the Integrity commission were able to interact with myself and found it extremely odd when she said with the younger male officer present that they weren’t trying to trick me in context of the statement I was signing. Her demeanour patronising, I close the door abruptly to them leaving.

4 years of this Domestic Violence excuse to harass a witness with a statement against an accessory to murder. I shouldn’t have to outline this fact of evidence providing to have the intervention order taken seriously. The culture of what by this stage I had labeled as the s*it shop among close friends absolutely horrifyingly atrocious. Seriously it doesn’t get lower than this does it - Yes little girl it does."

"All this from one due dismissal as my life was compromised.

Five years later a sexual assault and attempted assault charge also reported and overlooked, which I Always knew was going to be a Hectic Report - if ever I got to report it. Summary written on the date of 5th of November 2018.

Few years after I melted at you - Darryl Peter Wright, the catch a Real criminal call - how I wanted to put my groceries straight in your trolley. Honey, that was the Right breakfast.

Raising my eyebrows at Kyriacou in processing as he told me my eyes were hazel - you were nowhere near me to see that Bridge Boy. What about your flutter as I grabbed your pen to sign and brushed your hand. Not protecting Griffiths, I know you weren’t babe but what about me. What were you doing?!

A hacked Instagram and the comment ‘we didn’t do this to you’, this was when the police told me I was apparently a prostitute - news to me! Good going rate or!? How ridiculous. I had just talked about Kyriacou when I got the response ‘we didn’t do this to you’. I was SO offended and at the same time delirious in the stupidity.

I sat in my kitchen and cried when Kyriacou transferred out, leaving me in a mess he created without resolution. What kind of a man does that."

"Damian partner in 2018 was a well accomplished police officer of 33 years in the Victorian Police Force, myself and Damian commencing a relationship after a lengthy courtship of conversation and unease as I was uncomfortable with his age the end of 2017 beginning 2018. Damian stood by me during this harassment and was very supportive regarding finding resolution to the constant targeting. This behaviour he states, Damian a Station Commander in his position should not be accepted.

Surrounding the Matters of Lock, he has been known to target members of the public he dislikes in this manner, such as deliberately engaging in a dangerous u turn in residential areas and speeding in excess of limits with no charges or arrests acquired.

Lock called another vehicle a female officer I recognised at Marita Spaulding and Skinny we’ll call the male officer. Lock has denied the attendance of these officers and their vehicle in court. Skinny opened the vehicle and fulfilled his duties as did Marita this day despite Lock trying to provoke Marita into unnecessary engagement with myself.

Whilst being processed regarding the above incident, I was bleeding from Locks force and requested a band-aid. Instead of a band-aid an Officer provided a cup and a tissue. I again requested a band-aid from the male officer at the computer, he also did not provide a band-aid.

The actions of Andrew Lock were unnecessary. Samuel Pearson and Dale Fox have during this investigation period had no issues with myself when requesting I accompany them. This was a deliberate scene created by Lock as part of the stations defamation campaign as I had at this stage 7 complaints regarding police misconduct by 7 officers working under the direction and guidance of Grant Moyle and Twilley.

I asked Andrew straight out during this ordeal why he was doing this. He was getting SO much joy out of the moment I accused him of being Jenning’s friend and harassing me for him. Once at the station I refused to listen to Lock as he was not doing his job and just harassing me. The male officer at the computer behind the screen having to repeat everything Lock said. At this stage I think to myself “is this how the police treat people?” Never having anything to do with the police like this prior to providing assistance with the Gordon Hamm investigation - I was SO Shocked.

Darryl when I first interacted with him asked me why I didn’t like Detective Gary Wayne Sporten (56173). I told Darryl I didn’t know Sporten, Sporten doesn't like me. Sporten came to MY House. He came to my house after I helped the police with the Gordon Hamm tragedy asking for me to be an informant. Darryl still insinuating I was the problem asked, ‘what I did’ (as in what I did wrong), I responded to Darryl with “what I did wrong was help the (corrupt) police!” I sarcastically stated.

Back to Lock, Photographic evidence of the Lock matter was provided to SAPOL, the Commissioner Grant Stevens and the independent integrity commission yet the magistrates court still was subjected to trial of an illegally targeted incident where my arm was nearly Broken. I was found Not guilty, yet the judgment showed evident bias favouring police. Conveniently the police have apparently lost the footage of myself being mistreated and provided a water cup and tissue instead of a band aid. Prosecution having no photos of my injuries to my wrist despite a female officer taking these in court for the magistrate. The two officers Andrew Lock denied on record in court that attended the woolworths scene were not part of the trial either. Nor did the judge call this discrepancy out in trial."

"We had not spoken since Christmas 2017, writing this autobiography at the end of 2018 beginning of 2019, finalised 2021. My family had not only tried to scare me with break ins to properties in Mount Gambier comments but tried to guilt trip my submission to their false claim by insinuating elderly family members, my Nanna was dying. Demanding I need to change my behaviour Dad's Mother stated claiming she was very ill as motivation to not engage in implied prostitution. The first of these conversation conversations, this specific conversation with Nanna was had in the living room of my parents parents’ property, my parents were present. I was upset and expressed this by talking about the commentary I just heard from Dad's Mother to both my parents. I suppose if I was engaging in poor behaviour, I would have felt guilty from this psychological approach. The accusations just malicious with no basis or facts, I just felt I could not trust them - Any of my Father’s side of the family at this stage though I still continued to try. Their behaviour to cover up their own crimes and lives shortfalls by manipulating my life for personal gain continued increasing over the years, until I cut ties, removing the family from on Facebook. Both sides of my family, Dad's Australian direct relatives and Mum's Indian direct relatives.

It says more about the person with poor judgement than the person being judged to see things in them that don’t exist. 'What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally.'

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