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Authors Manuscript - Chapter 13

Updated: Jun 30, 2023


‘Dancing with the Devil - Never let me Go’

Concluded the end must be defined indefinitely - Kurt Slaven’s Guilt. This living autobiography is endless in interestingly insightful petty details from this point as the rest of this literature was accounted in most part at the real time of the events written. By this time of the autobiography, you would expect to be reading what came of offender Kurt Slaven and did your (my) hero save you (me) from the Ugly Heros!? The conclusion will destroy faith and leave you with Hope.

Summed up, many people were Heroes amongst the Ugly Heroes and various community members and even bikers all in different ways contribute to saving me from the mistreatment of their peers yet only I could save my life from the endless malicious accusations with no basis or facts - this autobiography of the Truth. My relentless grasping at Justice and Resolution.

Being placed in the Mount Gambier police station cells for hours numerous times for speaking out against police misconduct - corruption and sex crimes truly a disturbing highlight to what felt like living Martyrdom. All these abusive and illegal actions from SAPOL following myself originally assistance the police force. My assistance to the Gordon Hamm homicide, a tragedy, which led to 5 criminals being jailed from the intelligence I shared in 2014. This intelligence I provided leading to the resolution of the homicide. It is mind blowing how these years in this autobiography all played out.

4 hours of harassment in the processing area and in the cells of the Mount Gambier police station. At the end of the ordeal I was more worried about my welfare than the falsified charges against me. I needed to know I was safe, whatever it takes, these dodgy cops were trying to send me out to the jail with their pet criminal Graham Young. This was SO ILLEGAL and a dangerously out of control abuse of power and process. I was released with the help of a friend, ex lover and that day ‘Hero’. Surrounded by cops since 2014 and my Another mindex’s were every time saving me from harm. Harm from the police. Another Mind blowing moment in life on Mars. I made a doctor's appointment at this time. I need to spend the weekend either isolated and pampering myself or chilling with mates, after one mi ssion. I must make sure I’m not the only one with the false statements from the police statements of character assassination and falsified charges. The false Lock Up nearly leading to a trip to the jail out at Moorak. This could never happen again, I dis closed the legal documents falsified to family, lawyers and persons involved with the investigations. This orchestrated corruption from the Mount Gambier police station extremely dangerous and Much too close for comfort.

NOTE: Manuscript extracts are subject to proofing and publishing edits.

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