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When the Moon met the Sun.

You dazzled the night, Shining so bright in the sunlight. That twinkle and shine, You look So divine. Amongst the clouds in the sky, The lies and the highs. You were by my side, Until one night. We met – you and I. Our spark igniting night into day, And day to night. Locked in a gaze, The sky was a haze. Segments of erupting desire, The shape shifting moon will never tire. My light will never burn out, It was the doubt. As you and I stood side by side, But you lied. You said you’d stay, But you moved away. After our sweet embrace, You passed over me in a day. To romance the night with your light, As I bring day to light. In love and lust - I decided to run, When the Moon met the Sun.

Marcia Anita Hobbs (1984), 31 March 2020.

Below, I am sharing with you my poem in German, courtesy of a gentleman fan from Germany. Thank you!! This was really Cool to receive.🙏

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