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The Statement - Sexual Assault Awareness Month is April.

#SAAM #IAsk for Consent.

The last year has been heart wrenching authoring my biography 'Ugly Heros' and living through sexual trauma ALL OVER AGAIN.

For SAAM I am sharing my story - the statement extract not yet released in my manuscript. Ugly Heros my biography, Chapter 1 describes the ordeal.

Honor your Strength to Survive, Your Voice has Power, A Better World.


‘A fairytale compromise’

I was 15 years old, I recall looking back at you as you watched me cross the road standing at your trailer behind your vehicle. I at this age knew who you were.

The accident was at the old YMCA complex also, crossing to go to work on Keegan Street.

Reality is the man watching me attentively was of interest to the police, two years later, a

botched investigation. Rapist and officer whose conduct is immoral and illegal communicates for the second time after my car accident. Young and trusting I enter the vehicle.

A Blue Subaru with a bubble in the bonnet, the detective plain clothed. The officer drives up past the lake creating irrelevant conversations. I’m an inquisitive person, curious. He states that the government has data stating that Mount Gambier has higher rates of disabilities due to our water as we travel oddly around the lakes. We turn onto the road which takes you to the Blue Lake golf course. The officer asks me the speed limit, quick witted and bright enough to know better I reply 100 km - it’s an 80 zone. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

The officer was caught by a manned speed detector at the end of this road next to the

cemetery. A male officer approached the vehicle acknowledging myself with a nod, I was in the front seat passenger side. The two officers have a quick discussion stating he would be let off the 20 km over the speed limit fine as soon as the man in front was processed. Sure enough once the vehicle had been fined and drove off the uniformed officer returned to the vehicle for further quick conversation and the detective continued on the way.

From here the detective driving drove out of town, shocked at the corruption I had just

witnessed - 20 km over the limit, no one gets away with that. Except cops my teenage self learns today.

We drive out of town slight, I’m now uncomfortable and feeling unsafe and unsure. I can’t

recall any more conversation at this stage. We park, passenger side to the pines.

STATEMENT EXTRACT - Note: Graphic Reading.

The car accident was on Keegan Street and Percy Street intersection, the car I collided with obtained damage to the middle pillar between the doors, my Father witnessed this accident.

I received a phone call from a male police officer telling me my vehicle had been stolen and subsequently located in the Spotlight carpark on Sturt Street Mount Gambier, not far from the private park it was left after the accident.

I went to my car, at the back of the spotlight carpark and saw that the key was locked in the car. I smashed the driver's side window - not the brightest tactic, I needed to sit on that seat to relocate the car. Covering the glass I drove my VH Commodore the short distance from Sturt Street to Margaret Street where I resided with partner Tim. Where the rabbits were killed.

I then went to work at 'The Waterhole' pool run by accomplished and Nationally recognised Swimming Coach Heath Klieve.

While I was working on this day I had a phone conversation again with the male police officer, my phone number at this time was 0404 174 159. I recall being at The Waterhole reception windows speaking to the man who oddly asked my age even though this would have been in his records of reference. The male officer wanted to organise

a statement from me about my car being stolen. I agreed.

The car had defense plates and the registration plates were customised starting with WRX from memory. I know the plates were defense force plates as I saw a defenses slogan with the black silhouette ships.

I sat in the front passenger side of the car, Slaven was driving. There was no other person in the vehicle. I can't exactly remember the time of the day, but it was daylight and not morning.

He was wearing plain clothes at the time, not a suit or a police uniform. He told me he was a Detective. I had not met him prior to this date. I had never seen this police officer before. I would describe Slaven as being short in height with dark hair and a beer gut. Slaven told me he was 32 years old.

I thought it was all a bit weird but thought maybe he just wanted to talk. On Grant Avenue near the Cemetry was a radar manned speed camera. This officer was male, short to average height, slim build and aged approximately 20's, early 30's. He was working alone.

Recognising Slaven as he was pulled over the male officer on patrol instructed Slaven to wait for him to finish charging the person he had just booked before he could continue travelling. Slaven drove off unfined for exceeding the speed limit by 20 km, young I was shocked by this action.

Slaven parked in front of a pine plantation located on the Millicent side of Mount Gambier. Slaven exited the car and came to the passenger side of the vehicle. I do not recall the explanation given as to why we were there and I can't recall any conversion we had whilst we were there. Slaven was wearing pants at the time and I remember him pulling them down to expose his penis. A some stage Slaven put a condom on. He must have had this with him because I didn't see where the condom came from, him pull it out or put it on.

Slaven then forced himself on me. In saying this I mean he inserted his penis into my vagina without my consent.

I have tried not to think about this for such a long time now, I have trouble recalling exactly what happened. I am very small, at the time I was very small and did not weigh much which made it easy for Slaven to overpower and threaten me. What felt like an ordeal was short lived before he ejaculated. I remember feeling shock at this time. I felt like I couldn't say anything to change the course of his actions.

Slaven once finished pulled his penis out of my vagina and then took off the condom and buried it in the ground near the car, right outside the door.

Slaven then looked at me and said 'You can't tell anyone'.

Slaven then drove me back into town and dropped me off somewhere, in shock I can not remember where.

Around 6 months after the pine plantation rape, Slaven had me picked up from my home address now on Doughty Street, Mount Gambier. Tim and I had moved to a larger premises. At this time I had 3 vehicles available that I could have used to drive myself, I was given no choice by Slaven but to attend his property. I had never been to this house before and can only identify the internal layout with some clarity. I got out the taxi and the front door was open. I heard Slaven call out something to me, I can't remember what he said. I followed the voice through a front entry, though a lounge room to a bedroom on the left as I walked. Slaven was lying naked on the bed. The bedhead was on the left wall of the room. The bed did not have a distinctive end. Slaven was lying on his side with his elbow propping his head up and his other arm on his side. Slaven already had a hard penis. I did not see any tattoos or scars at all on him. Slaven didn't say anything to me. I stood in the doorway and did not enter the room. I was instantly terrified seeing Slaven lying there naked. I felt frozen with fear. I turn around to exit in the direction I had entered.

Releasing September 14th 2019, Ugly Heros - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement available Nationally.

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