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Remembering Ann Marie Smith

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Ann Marie Smith.

Both sides of government are responsible for this tragedy. For me to sit in silence as a support of this beautiful life devastating society in her loss was heartbreaking. Listening to Bill Shorten who KNOWS Jay Weatherill as Disability Minister allowed Neglect and Sexual Assault under government department, IDSC/Disability SA, was gruelling. Jay Weatherill still unaccountable for the neglect in his sector though reported to the currently running Disability Royal Commission - his lack of action to change the sector when Premier reveals a REVOLTING political game at play. Acknowledgment to Senator Jordon Steele-John who tirelessly and genuinely advocates real change from the The Australian Greens who were under represented at the vigil but much appreciated by the crowd I mingled with. Shame on Peter Malinauskas who worked under Jay Weatherill yet never stood for change until such tragedy occurred for your presence, if you were genuine you would be calling out the past Failures of Jay Weatherill which lead to such disgracefully low accountability which seen Annie's life wasted away. R.I.P.

The touching Vigil Remembering Ann Marie Smith, 1 year (Tuesday 6th April 2021) on gone but long from forgotten.

The Disability Royal Commission running at this time, the implementation of 50% of recommendations and the voices of Disabled persons must be the future of this sector. Enough is Enough.

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