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Graham Young the Gypsy Joker bitch.

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

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Graham Young for this intimidation contact had changed his cover photo to a threat. This threat was posted as his cover photo 15 mins or less prior to the friend request he sent to my personal Facebook profile at night. The cover photo read ‘Snitches Get Stitches’ Don't Threaten Me beastiality I immediately thought. I screenshot the request, cover photo and times of the incident occurrence. I took the threat straight to Aaron Roche, Victorian Detective. I spoke to Aaron Roche without Paul Griffiths knowledge and did not let anyone outside of Aaron Roche become aware of the threat initially. I was offered witness protection, this mumbled to mys elf quietly by Aaron Roche. Knowing my cousin was police, I assumed he was STARForce and I assumed they would handle the threat appropriately in the shadows. I replied ‘you can’t save everyone’ to Aaron. Luke Scheidl had told me that STARForce use me in Investigations by this stage. The South Australian police gang task force and they were majority corrupt. Barbwire Noose, my brand global in operations and myself getting recognision internationally by this stage the year 2014, I had been in operation for 9 years. An established public profile and a modelling career of 10 years to consider, witness protect was not a solution to the threat anyway. Graham Young needed to be jailed and to SAPOL's credit they did jail beastiality from the Gordon Hamm case. For my safety the Gypsy Joker aligned Graham Young needed to stay there.

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