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My Designer Signature Tee

Updated: May 9, 2021

So excited to announce I am designing a Signature Print for American Brand 'Radical'.

As a designer I truly am honoured whenever I make personalised threads specifically for a buyer. Young or Old I get so much joy seeing a wearer happy with their Designer Masterpiece.

Being asked to collaboratively design for 'Radical' - the American brand hugely aligned with my personal brands objectives of doing GOOD - living and breathing that. I am so humbled to be asked to design a specific design due to my Human Rights Activism.

Including the brands classic 'skully' icon in my design. My design for 'Radical' revolves around our shared passion for Misic. Including Signature Imagery of yours truly - me making an unreplicable tee just for 'Radical'.

Bursting to show off my personal designs, check out a few pics of the brands Skully design below. Displayed with my concept personalised designs for the American Label.

By yours truly, Princess Marcia xx

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