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Eating Disorders

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Borderlined anorexia at 18 years of age. 17 years of bulimia. Normal 5 years.🙌

Writing UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement an Autobiography about Policing Corruption and Corrupt governance in Australia.

Over 2020 my real friends had told me many comments made out of jealous from High School peers as I've posted my successes (Amongst the ordeals written in UGLY HEROS The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement). Some from guys I've rejected, some sex offending high school attendees, some from chicks who's boyfriend's liked (cheated with) myself, some from the opposing group in the school yard, some from the school yard bully turned gangster wannabe, some from the tryhard that only had friends at the football - all from persons who would NEVER repeat their rubbish to my face!!

When you have Nothing to hide, you hide Nothing.

Whistleblowing 4 government departments, being Reckless Endangerment and enduring Defamation for years has been gruelling. Recovering from eating disorders, which is all in the head, was also gruelling and generally private until people I quote are "making up bad things about you".

Picture: 2004 smoking a joint (marijuana) at the Big Day Out music Festival Adelaide. After borderline anorexia. The Jack Daniels photographer took a photo of myself and fellow festival goer who had a Jack Daniels singlet on this day - a photo we could download via link provided. After this photo I bought a wallet chain from a stall to which I wore as a belt. I remember arguing with the salesman as I told him I was buying the bike chain wallet chain to wear as my belt. He assured me this chain to which I still have today was not going to clip up around my waist, it was too small for anyone to wear as a belt he said. I bought it and clipped it up right in front of him. His shock - his disgust was blatantly obvious. The problem was, I couldn't see how skinny I was in the mirror.

SO many celebrities share eating disorders, most publically share their story by choice.

Body confidence is important. Self confidence is more important. Healthy living, being true to you, being true to the TRUTH. I have one piece of advice that will never get old "you live but once this lifetime - be uniquely and fiercely you in everything you do. Let your positive light shine and NEVER stray from your TRUTH no matter what life brings you"

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