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Disabilities Royal Commission 2019/2020

Updated: May 22, 2020

BARBWIRE NOOSE - The Story Behind the Brand.

"This is the first biography I thought I would write. Starting my autobiography on my first laptop, a silver Compaq from Harvey Norman. The laptop I designed the logo for Barbwire Noose on. A simple text font barbed up in an upgrade on the good old Paint program. The slogan of the brand Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness a wrap/swirl selective in the program strategically emphasised to allow you to still read the scripture with clarity. The trials of my misspent youth were fighting the good fight for those who could not fight for themselves. Blessed by an entrepreneurial idea and a creative mind in tough times. All the letters to Management and government regarding the serious neglect I reported as well as an original autobiography manuscript immortalised on my old Compaq. A laptop I hocked off upgrading to a newer Acer, top of the range at it time. The Compaq was handed to the male owner of a pawn shop on commercial street west in Mount Gambier in the mid early 2000's. Believe it or not - around 10 years later, it resurfaced in 2014, with contents. Having my Original Barbwire Noose logo designs in its contents I was originally very excited to hear my laptop was not long lost. Though upon its resurrection the contents had been oddly edited with versions of my letters surrounding the neglect and criminal conduct to the government suspiciously compromised. The seconds/pawn broker store shutting down after I learned of the Compaq still existing in operational tact. Proof of the level of corruption to which the government embraced to cover up reported sex crimes against clients and severe neglect in government care. Horrifying facts to which surfaced when this biography, my second publication made the Royal Commission in Disabilities in 2020. Invited to share my story - the story of the voiceless by Jordon Steele-John of The Greens Political Party. Ugly Heros - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement, an Australian Publication by In-House Publishers, a blessing and the most difficult piece of literature to write replaced my first biography. The book UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement making the Royal Commission into SAPOL.

Telling The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE is to paint a picture of what led myself to such frustrated emotions that I developed the brand of empowerment and a brand name like Barbwire Noose. With literature painting the picture of my life's experiences that make my Brand, an extension of myself to which is my One Love. I express the trials and the enduring whistleblowing experience within the government disabilities sector and shed light on the movement I made for A Better World for the clients in the Disabilities Sector. So passionately infuriated by the lack of Human Rights our voiceless and most Vulnerable persons had in our society. This is Brand Barbwire Noose. A fight for Human Rights. A movement towards 'A Better World'. A struggle for change in the disabilities sector at governance level. The lesson of 'Do NOT Conform'."

Forever my greatest achievement in life - singing for the unsung, a relentless voice. The Duty of the Strong is to protect the Weak.

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