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2005 - 2020 Barbwire Noose

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Barbwire Noose® through the trials and disruptions managed to develop new products, collections and strive forward through each setback to success. The brand my passion, I pushed through the adversity of the government targeting my whistleblowing, the corruption of the police force and the gangland warfare leveraged against myself as a whistleblower, witness and victim.

Major Events involving the brand inside and outside our In-house operations include Highlights such as:

  • 2005 - Trademark Design and Trademarking.

  • 2006 - Trademark applications approval process.

  • 2007 - Research and Letters to gain Trademark approval.

  • 2008 - Trademarks approved, Prototyping products developed, Online sale platform development.

  • 2009 - Development of Streetwear threads line including T-Shirts, Trackpants, Singlets and Hoodies.

  • 2010 - Localised Brand Launch, Music Festivals Promotions, Extreme Sports Promotions, ‘BRUTAL’ Music Sponsorships.

  • 2011 - South Australia and Victorian BMX Country Championships, Eco/Secondhand store Promotional Wear Recycling and ‘A French Affair’ Red Cross Runway Fashion Show Fundraiser.

  • 2012 - Mercedes Corporate vehicle, Incorporation of Barbwire Noose®, Official Office Allocation and Listing for investment International with Angel Investors.

  • 2013 - Advertising Sprintcar Events and Promotional Modelling.

  • 2014 - World Kindness Australia Corporate Membership and Charitable Collaboration designing and print production.

  • 2015 - BN Couture High-end Fashion Jewelry Collection prototyping, Development of BN Couture Collection and Signature Pussy Empowerment Collection.

  • 2016 - ‘Signature Puss’ Collection launched, Investment Contracting and Official Production/Sponsorship of Ms/Mrs Earth Australia Pageant T-Shirts.

  • 2017 - BN Couture Collection launched and Eco Fashion Week Australia Perth.

  • 2018 - Eco Fashion Week Australia Upcycle Challenge in QLD - Eco Fashion Week Runway Perth, Sydney Retail Festival and Amazon Australia platform development.

  • 2019 - Authoring Human Rights Royal Commision Autobiographies, development of ACCESSORIZE Jewellery Collection and Australian Made product registration.

  • 2020 - New York Times Square Billboards, EBay platform development, Winner Bronze Stevie Award and Unisex ACCESSORIZE.

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